Happy 70th Birthday in Advance Wishes to a Mother

These are Happy 70th Birthday in Advance Wishes to a Mother, Touching Birthday Messages for Mother and Happy Birthday Quotes for Mom.

 Best 70th Birthday in Advance Wishes to a Mother

People also ask, What should I say to my mom on her 70th birthday? How do you say happy birthday to your Mom in advance?  What do you say to a 70-year old birthday? Is 70 a milestone birthday? What is the full form of a mother? You need not ask further as we have for you here the best collections of 70th birthday in advance wishes for a mother who just turned 70 years.

When you live to see 70 years, it calls for celebration. We here need to offer a prayer of thanksgiving to the celebrant. With all the hustle of life, seeing a 70th birthday is a thing of joy to the family and friends of the celebrant. 

Here at Birthdays Messages, we bring you the very best of our amazing birthday wishes for a 70th-birthday mother born in December. These are Happy 70th Birthday in Advance Wishes to a Mother, Touching Birthday Messages for Mother and Happy Birthday Quotes for Mom that Will Make Her Cry Tears of Joy.

Happy 70th Birthday Mom Messages

For a dear Mom, here are Happy 70th birthday inspirational wishes for a dear mother who is a joy to behold anytime, any day. When a dear mother is a source of joy to you, you can go all out to celebrate her and wish her all the best as she adds a year to her life. Birthday Poems for Son

[1]. You are so pretty. See beautiful 70-year-olds, you are all age backwards.

[2]. Happy birthday in advance Queen mother, you are really born a Queen. May you continue to live long and prosper Ma.

[3]. God bless you.  You will continue to stay healthy and happy. Happy birthday in advance to Mummy!

[4]. Too clean and young looking at 70, I'll be like you when I grow old, happy birthday in advance Ma.

[5]. You are a queen indeed. Happy birthday in advance to you.

[6]. Happy birthday in advance to a mother like no other.

[7]. Fine woman. Happy birthday to the dearest Mom.

[8].Thank you for the gift of many sons and daughters. Happy birthday in advance Maama.

[9]. An apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Happy birthday in advance Momma.

[10]. Age gracefully and may the universe continue to be kind to you Ma. Happy birthday to Momma in advance.

[11]. Happy birthday to our dear Mama. More grace, long life and prosperity.

[12]. See the glow sef! Happy birthday in advance Mama.

[13]. Happy birthday in advance Mummy. You deserve all the provisions in all the stores.

[14]. Oh my God, 70 you say? she doesn't look it. Happy birthday Ma'am you are blessed.

[15]. Make I just dey one corner dey stan my countrywoman. Igbo kwenu oooooooo!

[16]. Happy birthday Ma'am! You deserve the best. Again, happy birthday in advance sweet mother.

[17]. A true queen indeed! Na to respect ooo! You no get choice. Happy birthday in advance to a dear mother.

[18]. A very happy birthday in advance to an amazing woman!

[19]. Beautiful Mummy, keep reaping the fruits of your labour in good health.

[20]. Happy birthday in advance Ma'am, cheers to a happier life in good health.

Birthday Wishes and Prayer for My Mother

When a sweet mother turns 70 years, here are heartfelt birthday Wishes for mothers and happy birthday Mom messages that you can share to make her have a good time celebrating her special day. Let her feel your prayers with these wonderful birthday wishes for her. Birthday Wishes for Dad from Daughter

[21]. Wishing you many more beautiful years filled with happiness and good health. Happy birthday in advance Momma.

[22]. Happy glorious birthday in advance Mum. More healthy years ahead.

[23]. Happy birthday beautiful Mama. God bless your new age. Did you say seventy years? God! Let me be this young and beautiful at 70. Chai!

[24]. Happy Birthday in advance to your beautiful Mum. God bless and keep you in good health.

[25]. May the new year bring you plenty of awesome gifts. Happy birthday Momma.

[26]. Happy birthday in advance adorable Mum. Many more years of celebration in good health and wealth. Keep living and keep winning.

[27]. Shutting down everywhere if you can. A mother deserves all the best. Happy birthday in advance Mama!

[28]. Wishing the great woman a happy birthday in advance.

[29]. Happy birthday in advance to a mother like no other. Wishing you renewed strength.

[30]. Happy birthday beautiful mummy continue to enjoy God’s grace and more provisions.

[31]. Amazon! She raised a generation in one child. I pray for a long life for her.

[32]. May you live many more years to see your giant strides. Happy birthday Grandma. Cheers!

[33]. Awwww... See as belle dey sweet me. This is just beautiful. Happy birthday, Mama enjoy your new age.

[34]. Respect to this great woman of God. At 70 still looks this gorgeous. Birthday things loading! Keep living, and keep winning!

[35]. Shebi I say beautiful women are born in December, see am now. Happy birthday in advance to a Queen.

[36]. A December Queen appreciates you. Many more years in good health and love. Happy birthday sweet Mama!

[37]. This is it! Respect Mama. Happy birthday in advance to a Queen mother at 70!

[38]. This lady can't be 70 ni! What are you people eating?! Happy birthday in advance to Mummy.

[39]. You're blessed beyond measure. Awwww! Sweet mother. Happy birthday, Princess.

[40]. Unconventional mother. Not stressing her children with responsibilities. Happy birthday Mama. May you have good health as you age beautifully.

Heart Touching Deep Birthday Wishes for Mom

For the delight of a Mother-in-law who just turned 70 years, you can send these happy birthdays Mother-in-law wishes to celebrate a great woman of faith who is a blessing to you by her deeps. Birthday Wishes for the Man of God

[41]. Cheers to many more beautiful years. Happy birthday to a Mum Ma'am.

[42]. Double respect! A super Queen can only beget a Queen. We celebrate you Mummylicious. Keep up the swags!

[43]. Maama with the sauce. I tap into this kind of ageing beautifully. Happy birthday in advance Mummy.

[44]. This is just amazing. Wow! Happy birthday to your resourceful Mom.

[45]. Happy birthday to a beautiful Mum. More blessed and amazing years to you in good health and more.

[46]. Wow! Happy birthday beautiful Mama. I want to be like you when I turn 70. So help me God.

[47]. Happy birthday young looking and good-looking, Grandma. God bless you Ma.

[48]. Longevity in health and wellness. A true Queen you are, happy birthday in advance to Mom!

[49]. Wishing you the best that life can offer. Happy birthday in advance to a super Mum.

[50]. Enough respect to Maama oh. She's damn too much. Happy birthday now, happy birthday later, and happy birthday forever.

[51]. Wow, Mum sure looks good at 70. Happy birthday in advance Mummy.

[52]. May you continue to live with peace of mind. God grant you good health and happiness. Happy birthday to an unconventional Momma!

[53]. Beautiful life can only come from a beautiful woman at 70. Mummy many happy returns. Queen mother, happy birthday in advance.

[54]. Happy birthday to you already. And more healthy years too.

[55]. Happy birthday to the woman who raised a Queen for us. Many more beautiful years to Mama.

[56]. Wishing you many more amazing years in good health, God continues to strengthen you. 70 sure look good on you.

[57]. Come see the kind of mother I am gonna be! Happy birthday in advance to you Mum!

[58]. Wow, you look 50 ooh. So beautiful at 70. Happy birthday in advance.

[59]. How can this smoh geh be 70? This ya senior sister is a fine geh joor. Happy birthday in advance Queen Mother.

[60]. Happy birthday to you Mum, see December born are special, we are one breed that God carefully made. Wahala for who dem no born for December.

70th Birthday in Advance Wishes to a Mother

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Mother

Here are happy 70th birthday messages, wishes and prayers for Mother and Grandmother. Living to see your children grow into adults and having grandchildren around you would always be a thing of joy to a Mother. Wish you dear Mother a happy birthday at 70 with these birthday wishes for her. Birthday Wishes for a Sister from another Mother

[61]. All your rant no reach, Mama is a stunning beauty! Did you type 70? Do I gerrit sef? Flawless beauty, graceful ageing and lovely smiles. 

[62]. Happy birthday ageless beauty. Do have a blast.

[63]. Happy birthday in advance to a Queen, 70 sure looks good on you.

[64]. Happy birthday Mama, live in good health.

[65]. This woman is 70. She would have passed for a mid 50 mehn. Happy birthday Ma.

[66]. A Queen. Happy birthday, Mama. Enjoy good health. Enjoy wealth. Enjoy God's grace. Enjoy God's blessings. Best wishes Mama!

[67]. Wow....70? Wow oh wow. Happy birthday in advance Ma. Abeg make we shut down all supermarkets jare. Momma deserves it all.

[68]. A queen! 70 has never looked better! Still strong and beautiful. Happy birthday in advance Ma!

[69]. E for Energy and Q for Queen. Happy birthday to a Queen mother!

[70]. Correct Mama! Woman of substance, happy birthday in advance to you beautiful Mother.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Mom that Will Make Her Cry

These are birthday quotes, messages and prayers you can send to an elderly woman who is celebrating her birthday. The messages are deep birthday quotes to appreciate the grace of God upon the life of the celebrant. Birthday Wishes for Boss and Mentor

[71]. Happy 70th birthday mother of nations. As your age so shall your strength be renewed in Jesus' name.

[72]. Happy birthday to our amiable mother. More of God's mercy, grace, victory, sound health, mega testimonies and overflowing anointing for greater exploits in this new year and beyond in Jesus' name. Mummy, you will finish well and strong in Jesus' Name. Cheers to Mummy at 70 years.

[73]. Happy 70th birthday Mummy, you are lifted above your peers and all the remaining years of your life are blessed. More grace, anointing and success in every sphere of life and more blissfulness in your marriage, more joy wealth and connections in businesses.

[74]. Happy 70th birthday in advance Mummy. As your days are, so shall your strength be. You will never have a better yesterday, you will finish well and finish strong. Wishing you more glorious years of greater impact.

[75]. Happy birthday to the greatest woman on earth, a blessing to humanity, a role model that is worth emulating by all. May you live many many more years and continue to be a blessing to us all. Wishing you a happy 70th birthday celebration in advance.

[76]. A very memorable joyous celebration of the soundness of mind and a life worthy of emulation to our dear mother. May you never have a better yesterday, and may your light continue to shine brighter and brighter and brighter until that perfect day in the mighty name of Jesus. A very happy 70th birthday in advance to you dear Mummy. Go on flourishing and basking in God's unflinching love and great mercy in Jesus' most powerful precious name. Enjoy your day!

[77]. A very happy birthday to our mother. May the good Lord continue to keep, uphold and preserve you till His second appearance. Ha[[y 70th birthday in advance.

[78]. Happy birthday to Mummy. More anointing and grace to cover more grounds for your Maker in good health and prosperity in Jesus' name.

[79]. Congratulations big Mum, your love is captivating, your drive is motivating, your passion for the kingdom and people is scary, and your personality is adoring. Mummy, we celebrate you as one of God's special blessings to our world, more of God's grace, love and care in Jesus' name. Happy 70th birthday celebration in advance.

[80]. Happy glorious birthday Mummy, our own mother, I join millions of people to celebrate you, you will live long in sound health, strength and more grace. Thanks for raising strong women. We love you Ma. Happy 70th birthday wishes to you in advance.

Deep Birthday Wishes for Mom from Daughter

A heart of a Mother to her daughter. Daughters and friends, here are one of the best birthday wishes you can send to celebrate a mother that is more than a mother to you and your friends. Birthday Wishes for Woman

[81]. Happy 70th birthday in advance Mummy. You have been an exemplary role model to many of us. We pray for more years of God’s grace, strength and power to uphold you to the end in Jesus' name.

[82]. Happy 70th birthday in advance Mother, You've set a pace in Zion. Thank you for your great sacrifices.

[83]. Happy birthday, Mummy. You will not faint nor fall into sin. Long life and a more fruitful soul-winning life in prosperity.

[84]. Happy birthday to our Mummy, our mother that heaven is well pleased with, continue to grow in the vineyard of God, continue to enjoy God's abundance, and have many more years to celebrate in the land of the living. Age gracefully!

[85]. May God's blessing continue to fall on you, you shall not mourn over any of your children, you shall live long to enjoy all that you have laboured for, and may the light of God continue to shine upon you now and always. Happy 70th birthday in advance beloved Mummy.

[86]. Happy birthday great Mum at 70. May God bless you so much and may you never witness the death of any of your children in Jesus' name. We love you Ma.

[87]. Happy birthday Mummy, may God continue to give you good health. May His goodness and abundant blessings be upon you and your family as you celebrate.

[88]. Happy duper super 70th birthday to Mummy in advance. Your strength will not wax weak, your wisdom and insight will daily be on the increase, the sources of your strength, favour and lifting will forever be flowing and renewed daily, the Lord will keep standing for you and also defend you, your households and every of your endeavour in Jesus' powerful name.

[89]. Happy birthday, Mummy, 70 looks good on you. You will live to enjoy more of God's peace. The Lord bless your new age with good health and strength. You are a blessing to our generation.

[90]. Mummy, I thank God for your life, keep enjoying God's banner and grace. May this new age bring to you more joy and blessings around you. Happy 70th birthday.

Touching Birthday Messages for Mother

Here is the best happy birthday Mom birthday wishes for your Mom. These are sweet birthday messages for Mom that would forever bring joy to her heart as she celebrates her 70th birthday. Christian Birthday  Greetings to Brother

[91]. May the Lord bless your new age and satisfy you with a long useful life. Longevity, agility and vitality are your covenant heritage. Age gracefully as you celebrate your 70th birthday.

[92]. Many grace and more of God's blessings. With much love in my heart, I celebrate you as a mother of nations. Happy 70th birthday in advance to you.

[93]. Wonderful birthday to a sweet mother. God will enrich your new age with greater wisdom, favour and strength. Wishing you the unspeakable joy of the Lord. Sound health and peace in abundance. Congratulations on your 70th birthday!

[94]. A great mother, we celebrate you. A very loving and caring mother, we love you. God will never stop blessing you, Mummy. Happy lovely birthday celebration in advance.

[95]. Happy birthday to you Mummy, words can't describe the faithfulness of God in you and your family all these years, may the Lord continue to uphold you to the end.

[96]. Our dear Mother, we celebrate you all the time. More grace, favour, mercy, love and anointing from the Lord Jesus Christ.Happy birthday to you today and always.

[97]. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in divine health in Jesus' name. We love and celebrate with you on this special day. Age gracefully Mother!

[98]. Happiest birthday big Mummy, may the Lord give you sound health, and long life in Jesus' mighty name. More grace, the Lord will continue to protect you and your family.

[99]. Happy 70th birthday in advance to a mother like no other, the Lord will continue to bless and increase you in all areas, enjoy God's faithfulness this new year.

[100]. Happy birthday to a sweet Mother, thanks be to God Almighty for His good works in strengthening and keeping you and your family, may God be praised forever.



Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!: Happy 70th Birthday in Advance Wishes to a Mother
Happy 70th Birthday in Advance Wishes to a Mother
These are Happy 70th Birthday in Advance Wishes to a Mother, Touching Birthday Messages for Mother and Happy Birthday Quotes for Mom.
Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!
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