Happy Birthday SMS for Sister and Birthday Wishes for Friends

These happy birthday SMS for sister and birthday wishes for friends are sister birthday wishes in English and birthday wishes for sister not by blood,

Birthday SMS to Sister and Bday Wishes to Friends

Best birthday SMS for sisters and Bday wishes for friends are beautiful collections of birthday greetings, quotes and messages that you can send to a sister and friend who is celebrating their birthday.

These birthday messages are lovely and would sincerely make a sister glow with pride. 

Best Birthday SMS For Sister And Bday Wishes For Friends

These are happy birthday wishes to my lovely sister, short birthday wishes for my sister, emotional birthday wishes for my sister, birthday wishes for sister quotes, inspirational birthday messages for my sister and happy birthday big sister quotes. Best Birthday Wishes to my Sister and Friend 

[1]. May your long-awaited miracle come true in your new age. Happy birthday a sister and friend like no other.

[2]. Wishing you the very best. Whatever it takes to make your life sweet and complete is my earnest desire for you today as you add a new age. Happy birthday! Enjoy your day. 

[3]. Happy Birthday to you dear. Enjoy His Grace. Many more years in good health is what I am wishing you. Happy birthday dearie, age gracefully.

[4]. Happy birthday to your long life and prosperity. New grace and wisdom for your new age.

[5]. God bless your new age and enjoy your dominion in Christ. Again happy birthday, I wish you God's best. Happy birthday! 

[6]. More of God's grace as you traverse the world for Christ. Congratulations! Happy birthday, and may the Lord bless your new age.

[7]. Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day. More of God’s blessing. Love you. 

[8]. Happy birthday, dearest. May God prosper you years ahead. I thank God for your life and all I have to say is thank you, Lord. Congratulation.

[9]. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I celebrate you, my lady. Age gracefully. Happy many returns, long life and prosperity.

[10]. Wishing you more glorious years in Jesus' name. Happy birthday. Your joy shall be resounding in the New Year.

[11]. A very happy birthday to you dear, and many more beautiful years in good health. Remain blessed and honoured in every area of your life. I celebrate you greatly and I love you, my Sister and friend.

[12]. Happy birthday my beautiful friend in and out, greater heights in all your endeavours in Jesus' name.

[13]. Happy birthday, dear. Wishing you many more years of laughter and happiness. God bless you.

[14]. Beautiful Sister, more breakthroughs and God's abundant blessings. Happy birthday!

[15]. Happy birthday, nwanyi mara mma! May God perfect all that concerns you in this new year. Age gracefully!

[16]. Happy birthday my darling. May the ground you step on in this new year, yield an increase for you. More wins.

[17]. Happy birthday sweet friend, I wish you long life and prosperity, and many more years to you.

[18]. Happy birthday great woman. Enjoy multiple honours and overwhelming favour.

[19]. Happy birthday sweet Sis, you are truly an amazing woman with a beautiful soul. Cheers to a better and wonderful year ahead.

[20]. Happy birthday, my Mama, I wish you all the best, I say amen to all your secret prayers and live long to eat the fruit of your labour, much love from your daughter and granddaughter. Beautiful Birthday Greetings, Sister  

[21]. You ain't seen nothing yet. Whatever He does is forever longevity, perfect soundness, prosperity, fruitfulness, favour and all-around rest are all embedded in the covenant and He's a covenant-keeping God. These and many shall pursue you all the days of your life from today till He says no more. Happy birthday young girl and congratulations on your new age. Enjoy your day, you deserve it!

[22]. Happy birthday pretty, it's going to be a blessed phase, keep being happy.

[23]. You are special and will remain so, irrespective of the age you attain. Much joy and happiness Ufan.

[24]. Daaaaaa! Mkpa flat for this kind of hotness. Happy birthday my darling. Cheers to a new and beautiful era.

[25]. Happy birthday gorgeous one. New age, new levels. Your best days are here.

[26]. Happy birthday, love. You deserve the best of life. Age gracefully!

[27]. Happy birthday Eka Anwan Ayin, and more fruitful year wishes. Aged gracefully with sound health in abundance.

[28]. Happy birthday to you my sweet friend. Congratulations! Wishing you more fulfilling years ahead in Jesus' name.

[29]. More glorious celebrations as you age gloriously, soaring higher than the eagle gracefully.

[30]. Thank you so much Maamii, my role model. I appreciate and celebrate you always Sis. You'll hear from me, I am visiting you soon sweet Mom.

[31]. Happy birthday my beloved daughter, many more glorious years ahead congratulations.

[32]. Happy prosperous birthday Ma'am, many more to come in good health and sound mind.

[33]. Happy blessed birthday Oremi, keep enjoying lots of grace and favour now and always.

[34]. Happy birthday friendship mi, may all your dreams and wishes come true and may prosperity touch your own feet, I pray that your days will be full of good news, blessings and positive vibes. Happy birthday, dear!

[35]. Happy birthday beautiful blessed and blossoming Princess of the Most High God!

[36]. More money in your account, more joy in your home, more peace in your life. Congratulations! I appreciate you a lot Ore.

[37]. Happy birthday my Sister. I rejoice with you and wish you divine health and glorious years ahead.

[38]. Happy birthday my Sister, many more glorious years ahead in health and wealth loruko Jesu. Much love!

[39]. Wishing you many more fruitful years ahead. Happy birthday Olori, more of God's blessings upon you, age gracefully in good health in Jesus' name.

[40]. Wow! Sorry, this is coming too late Babe. Wishing you a long life of riches. May the Lord Almighty continue to bless you in all you do. Keep shining brighter beautiful woman. Congratulations my sweet Babe! Birthday Best Wishes for Boss and Mentor

[41]. Sis happy belated birthday to you. May lines continue to fall for you in pleasant places.

[42]. Congratulations Ore, wish you many happy returns, long life, good health, plenty of money and a mouth full of testimonies in Jesus' name.

[43]. Happy to my elegant and stylish big Sis. God bless your new age with loads of blessings.

[44]. May your new age be filled with love, happiness, joy and fulfilment of your heart's desires. Happy birthday, Ore.

[45]. It is another new dawn in the journey of life, may this herald good tidings unto you. Your new age is blessed, happy birthday in good health.

[46]. Happy birthday to my sweet sixteen sisters, age gracefully. Again, happy birthday to my beautiful Sister, enjoying God's grace and keep winning.

[47]. Happy birthday to you Sister mi, your new age will be full of testimonies and happiness, age graceful.

[48]. Happy birthday to my special friend. May your new age be blessed with new testimonies, divine connection, upliftment, all-around breakthrough, and above all good health, long life and prosperity. Untimely death is not your portion. God Almighty will reward you in many folds. 

[49]. Congratulations Aburo mi, may the Almighty God continue to keep you in His everlasting arms and satisfy you with sound health, joy, happiness, long life, abundant wealth and all good things of life in Jesus' mighty name. Happy birthday. Please enjoy your day to the fullest.

[50]. Happy birthday Sis. May your joy be full. God's blessings more and more in Jesus' name. I celebrate you.

Birthday Poem for You

If He could care for the sparrows, 
Then, He's more thoughtful of me! 
A perfect life? No
Health challenge? Yes
Reasons to be thankful for the gift of life? Yes
Reasons to smile? A whole lot
He breathes in me and everything comes alive!
Here's an imperfect life made perfect in Christ Jesus
Who's love supersedes human verdict.
Happy Birthday to me
More of the Father's Love I see
Glory to Jesus.

[51]. Happy birthday to you, more many years into your life and your carrier more celebration sweet babe.

[52]. Happy womb escape day to you my shining super amazing and gorgeous Sister. You shine like a diamond. Here's wishing you Heaven's best for you. Tons of love Sis. I celebrate you. Oya, where's the party ooo?

[53]. Happy birthday my dearest beautiful sister. I thank God for your life. God's grace will continue to see you through.

[54]. Happy beautiful birthday my darling friend. God bless your excellent heart. Keep being beautiful, keep smiling, keep winning, keep shining, keep living and keep enjoying extraordinary grace. It’s your best year ever. Remain in the overflow. Much love!

[55]. Congratulations Ore, may God Almighty grant you heart desires and fill your life with joy and happiness. Happy birthday, dear.

[56]. Happy birthday woman of God, I join the host of Heaven to celebrate you, an angel of God salute you, and keep on winning in the Lord.

[57]. I rejoice with you on your birthday, God will bless your new age with joy and happiness and long life in good health.

[58]. Happy birthday, dear Sis. I wish you the very best today and always. Many congratulations.

[59]. Happy birthday gorgeous. Wishing you more prosperous years in good health.

[60]. Happy birthday. Wishing you many more glorious years in future. Birthday Greeting Card Messages and Quotes for Sister 

[61]. Happy birthday my lovely daughter, may God bless your new age in Jesus' name.

[62]. Happy birthday to you great woman, you are blessed always in Jesus' mighty name.

[63]. Happy birthday to you, many happy returns of the day, long life and prosperity in good health.

[64]. Happy birthday to you dear friend, long life and prosperity. God bless your new age and you will celebrate many years in the land of living in the mighty name of Jesus. Congratulations!

[65]. Happy birthday to you my friend, your new age is blessed forever. Enjoy your day darling, Sis. Love you more as you share your birth date with me.

[66]. More of this day on earth in sound health and wealth in Jesus' name. Happy birthday Sis.

[67]. Happy birthday beautiful daughter of Zion, may your greatness increase and your glory shine brighter in Jesus' name. Have a fantastic year.

[68]. Happy birthday, my beloved Sister, you continue to be the head in all you do in Jesus' name.

[69]. Happy birthday to you Ore, may the Lord bless your new age with grace and glory. You will live to fulfil destiny. Congratulations!

[70]. Happy birthday to you my friend and Sister, long life and prosperity, age with grace good health and wealth in Jesus' name.

[71]. Happiest birthday to my beautiful, radiant sister, your new age is gracefully blessed with unspeakable joy, favour, mercies, long life and prosperity in Jesus' name. Congratulations!

[72]. Glory be to God for making you witness another beautiful year of your life, may you enjoy God's favour all through this year. Many happy returns!

[73]. Congratulations darling friend, in righteousness you shall be established, you shall be far from oppression. Happy birthday la queen la posh.

[74]. My heartiest wishes to you on your birth date. Have a successful year filled with success and glory. Enjoy your day and the life ahead. Happy birthday Sis.

[75]. Happy birthday to mine alone. My twinny. Many happy returns of the day. Your days on earth shall be fruitful and fulfilling. Happy glorious birthday. Keep winning and flourishing.

[76]. I celebrate you today darling Sis, may you fulfil your great destiny as you mark another year, continue to flourish and be fruitful in Jesus' name.

[78]. Happy birthday dearest Sister. Wishing you many happy returns. More of God's blessings in Jesus' name.

[79]. Happy birthday to you, dear! I wish you many happy returns in continued good health, unlimited joy and abundant wealth!

[80]. Happy birthday my dear. You are destined for greatness and you will fulfil it in Jesus' name. Accept my warm congratulations. Prayer for Grandmother on Her Birthday

[81]. Happy birthday to my beautiful Sister and a friend from another mother as you celebrate today, I wish you all the beautiful things this world can offer including good health and prosperity and long life. Congratulations. Once again my name's sake you know I can’t love you less.

[82]. Maama niyen! May your new year be filled with blessings immeasurable, joy unspeakable and open doors unlimited, happy birthday Sisto mi.

[83]. Happy birthday to you my Sister. Wishing you more years and celebrations, that's more wins. The Lord be praised.

[84]. Happy blessed birthday of God's divine favour, joy, good health, long life and prosperity all the days of your life.

[85]. Happy birthday to this great, wonderful lady. May the good Lord continue to bless, protect and increase you on every side! More grace, blessings and long healthy life upon you, now and forever! Congratulations!

[86]. On this day of your birth, the good God we serve shall supply you with speed to overtake. Age gracefully and in good health.

[87]. Happy birthday my Sister. Next phase of favour, grace and greater partnership with the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. Best year and years ahead of you. Congratulations!!

[88]. May God grant all your wishes on earth in Jesus' name. Happy birthday to you my beautiful Sister, may God bless you and keep you to eat the fruit of your Labour in Jesus' name. I celebrate you!

[89]. Happy birthday beautiful Queen. May you witness more of this day in long life and prosperity. Your destiny is blessed and secured!

[90]. Happy birthday to you my personal person, you will soar higher in all your endeavours. Happiest birthday to my beautiful birthday mate with an amazing voice. Better you I pray.

[91]. Happy birthday to you my dear friend. May the good Lord grant you a long life together to fulfil your purpose on earth and be delighted in the prosperity of your children. May the good Lord bless your new age with sound good health.

[92]. Happy birthday Sis, God prosper you in health and satisfy you with long life. May God bless you with prosperity, good health, long life and peaceful life.

[93]. May God continue to bless you and your family. Cheers to many happy returns of the day. Happy birthday and many glorious years to you.

[94]. Happy birthday dear Sis. May this new year be filled with pleasant surprises and overflowing blessings for you. Wishing you Heaven's best.

[95]. May God continue to bless you and your family with long life and prosperity in Jesus' name. God’s blessings upon you always. Happy birthday, dear.

[96]. Happy birthday Sister, may the Almighty God grant you long life with sound health. Best wishes in your new year and beyond in Jesus' name.

[97]. Happy birthday Iyawo, may the Almighty God grant you the desires of your heart. May the good Lord honour you, especially in this time we are in Jesus' name.

[98]. Enjoy God's exceeding grace all rounds. May the years ahead be gloriously blessed. Happy birthday to you my lovely Sister. Wishing her all the best in life.

[99]. Happy birthday to you dear. May your days be long and prosperous in Jesus' name. Happiness and success shall be permanent in your lives. Happy birthday to you Sis, you are greatly blessed.

[100]. May this birthday mark the arrival of an unlimited number of special days in your life. May happiness never leave your side and may the shine never dry out from your eyes. Wishing you a happy birthday our dear Sister.


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Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!: Happy Birthday SMS for Sister and Birthday Wishes for Friends
Happy Birthday SMS for Sister and Birthday Wishes for Friends
These happy birthday SMS for sister and birthday wishes for friends are sister birthday wishes in English and birthday wishes for sister not by blood,
Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!
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