Beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes and Greetings for Sister

These beautiful happy birthday greetings for sister are thoughtful birthday quotes to say happy birthday wishes to sister.

Beautiful Birthday Greetings to Sister

When a dear sister is a blessing to you and her special day is at hand, kindly do well to send her these beautiful birthday greetings. 

These gifts of amazing messages would always gladden the heart of a sister that is a true friend. 

Beautiful Birthday Greetings, Sister

These birthday wishes are heart touching birthday wishes for sister, emotional birthday wishes for sister, sister birthday wishes in english, deep birthday wishes for sister, inspirational birthday message for sister, short birthday wishes for sister, funny birthday wishes for sister and long birthday message for sister. Best Birthday Wishes to Sister and Friend

[1]. May God bless your new age and increase you in every height. Happy birthday my beloved sister. Congratulations! 

[2]. Happy birthday. May God bless your new age. And give you your heart desire. You will continue to dominate and always be a blessing not only to yourself but to your generations.

[3]. Happy birthday, sister, may your day be filled with pleasant surprises as you rejoice in this year of dominion. Keep shining and always be yourself.

[4]. God bless your new age with sound health, favour, peace, dominion and long good and fulfill life. Happy birthday Sis. 

[5]. Grace for the next level. It’s your time to dominate all around. Age with grace. Happy birthday.

[6]. Happy born day sister today is your year of dominion. Happy birthday, I wish you more fruitful years ahead.

[7]. May your heart desires be granted as you start this journey of another 365 days. There may be challenges but ask God for the grace to face them squarely. Enjoy your day darling. Love you always.

[8]. May the Lord bless and keep you in Jesus name. Age gracefully. Happy birthday dearest sister. 

[9]. Happy birthday dear, age with grace, God will give you all round dominion, its well with you. Enjoying your day.

[10]. Congratulations dear, you will always be grateful all the days of your lives. Happy birthday and have a blast.

[11]. Happy birthday to Mama. The Lord will continue to bless you beyond measure, keep dazzling in the Lord.

[12]. Happy birthday, Sister. May God bless you real good today and always. Continue to wax strong even as you soar higher.

[13]. Happy birthday to you on this very special day of yours, long life and prosperity are your portion, and may the years ahead bring you more joy, laughter and fulfilment in every area of your life. Congratulations dear!

[14]. Happy birthday, babe, enjoy every bit of another 365 days in good health and happiness in Jesus' name.

[15]. Happy birthday to my wonderful Sister of God. As you step into this brand new year, may God Almighty bless your new age. May He lift you up from glory to glory. May the Lord perfect all that concerns you and take you higher beyond your imaginations in the mighty name of Jesus. Celebrations cometh soonest!

[16]. You look fabulously fabulous babe! Keep on shining to the glory of God. Happy birthday sweetheart.

[17]. Happy birthday and best wishes dear. May God bless and keep you. May God grant all your heart desires beyond your expectation. Your path shall continue to shine brighter and brighter in Jesus' name. Cheers, cheers, cheers, cheers!

[18]. Congratulations on this special day specially made for you! I hope you have a beautiful day with loads of love and surprises. May your birthday give you the best memories till the next one, may you have success waiting ahead. Happy birthday to a champion!

[19]. The best is all my wishes to you. Happy birthday to the lovely soul that you are. Stay fresh and beautiful, always.

[20]. Congratulations, age with sufficient grace, peace, progress and abundant blessings of God. Happy birthday to you. Belated Religious Birthday Messages for Mothers

[21]. I wish you an abundance of peace, joy and prosperity with the assurance that God is behind you for what's ahead. 

[22]. Happy birthday to you Sis, I wish you the best of life goodies. May God answer you before you call and bless you with long life, good health, lasting wealth and peace of mind. Enjoy your day.

[23]. Happy birthday to you darling Sister. Long life and prosperity in Jesus' name.

[24]. Happy birthday, big Sis. Your new age is super duper blessed. Do have a joyous celebration!

[25]. Happy birthday to you, the Lord God Almighty will bless your new age. You will fulfil God's purpose for your life and destiny in Jesus' name. Great shall your increase be.

[26]. My dear Sister, wishing you many happy returns of today. Age with sufficient grace my dear.

[27]. Happy birthday, darling Sis. Age with massive grace. May the Lord bless and enlarge your coast.

[28]. Happiest birthday dear. Every new day will bring you testimonies. Many many happy returns.

[29]. May this day usher in the best of your heart desires and may you have blessed years ahead. Happy birthday Sis. More years to celebrate in the Lord.

[30]. Happy birthday to my sweet Sister of life, many more years to come in good health and wealth, happy you bae.

[31]. Happy birthday Sis. I'm wishing you many more years in sound health. Cheers!

[32]. Happy birthday to you. You are beautiful as you are and may God continue to make your life radiant and colourful.

[33]. Happy birthday to a lovely and cheerful individual. Wishing you a dimensional positive turnaround year in year out in good health, long life and abundant wealth with peace of mind. Congratulations!

[34]. Happy birthday, sweetheart. God bless you real good. May all the prayers of Daddy continue to avail for you. Your feet will continually fall on pleasant places. Shine on. Much love.

[35]. As today being your day and the day you escaped from the womb, on your birthday the pot of grace that you are feeding from will not cease and the benefits you are enjoying in God will not stop. You will not drop from whatsoever height you have attained. Happy birthday to you. Age with abundant blessings.

[36]. I wish you many more prosperous years ahead. Hearty congratulations and best wishes on your birthday dear Sister. Age gracefully!

[37]. Happy birthday Sis, wishing you many more graceful years in Jesus' name. Enjoy a new year filled with beautiful testimonies. May your steps be ordered by God to the place of favour. Many happy returns!

[38]. Happy belated birthday. May the Lord bless you even more in health and wealth and spiritually. Keep shining!

[39]. Longer life and more prosperity will be your portion in Jesus' name. Congratulations and best wishes for the years ahead!

[40]. More years in good health. Happy birthday, dear. May the Lord continue to lift you up and keep you under His shadow in Jesus' name. Many happy returns. Age in grace. Wish you the best of this day. Beautiful Christian Birthday Wishes for Sister and Mother

[41]. Happy birthday, Sister. Have fun but the fun will be sweeter if you invite me to come and chop.

[42]. What became of me that I am just remembering to say happy birthday to a dear Sister and friend this late? But one adage says it is better late than never! Here is wishing you the most enjoyable birthday and praying for you to have an unprecedented divine birthday gift, which God alone can do. As you have always rejoiced with others, I decree that your case will henceforth be continuous. Happy birthday to you again and again my Sister and friend.

[43]. Happy birthday to you my darling. Keep basking in the unceasing grace, favour and mercy of the Lord. God bless your new age.

[44]. Happy birthday to you. long life in good health and more of it in Jesus' name. God bless your new age with lots of goodies your heart yarn for. Waiting for my cake ooo!

[45]. Happy birthday Sis, today is your day because Jesus waited for you to see this day, God bless your new age with grace, favour, mercy, joy, happiness, success and all your heart desires we come to pass cheers and enjoy your day my Sister.

[46]. Happy birthday, dear. The Lord has commanded His blessings upon you this new year and always. Enjoy your day.

[47]. Happy birthday, long life and prosperity, more bank alerts, more business, more connection in good health. Cheers!

[48]. Yes, it is our birthday. Trust me, were it not for the supremacy of the Most High, today would have been a celebration galore but never mind, when there's life, hope also must be kept alive. Congratulations!

[49]. Happy birthday. Wishing you the best in all the days of your life. Congratulations!

[50]. Happy birthday Sister, may God fill you with His love and make your day prosperous.

Pidgin Birthday Poem

Have you seen 
a fine beautiful girl today?
She's beautiful abeg!
Her heart of gratitude is on point!
All the things I wanted to write
just flew off my brain 
because I am so happy!
E shock you? 
I dey find money 
to take buy iPhone for her.
Happy birthday, better chikito!

[51]. Happy birthday to you Sis, many happy returns. I pray God blesses you more exceedingly and abundantly. Much love.

[52]. Happy birthday Sis, God bless you now and forever. Again, happy birthday beautiful darling. Long life and prosperity in perfect health are my heartfelt wishes for you today and always.

[53]. Happy birthday to you dearie, wishing you many more years to see in Jesus Christ's name.

[54]. Happy birthday, dear, wishing you God’s undiluted blessings and favour in your new age.

[55]. Happy birthday, love. Wishing you more rewarding years ahead. God bless your new age. The Lord bless and keep you in good health and prosperity.

[56]. Happy birthday to my birthday mate, and many more glorious years ahead in Jesus' name.

[57]. Happy birthday to you dear Sister. God bless your existence in the land of the living as you age gracefully. Have a great fabulous birthday.

[58]. Happy birthday, darling Sister, continue to enjoy grace unlimited.

[59]. Happy birthday dear Sis. I love and celebrate you today and always! God bless your new age.

[60]. Happy birthday dear Sis. I wish you more gracious years ahead. Cheers! Birthday Poems for My Son from Father and Mother

[61]. Happy birthday, love. Wishing and praying for greater grace for a living!

[62]. Happy birthday to you my beautiful Sis. Goodness and mercy shall not depart from you. Enjoy your day Sis.

[63]. Happy birthday, darling. You shall witness more glorious and fruitful years ahead in Jesus' name. Congratulations and best wishes always.

[64]. Congratulations my sister. I appreciate your peaceful and beautiful life in the Lord!

[65]. Happy birthday my darling daughter. God has been your fortress and shield. He will continue to uphold you and grant you more grace to excel. Age with grace and blessings on you in Jesus Christ's name.

[66]. God bless your new age and enjoy your day with much love from me. God will grant you all your heart desires.

[67]. God bless and fill your days with joy, love, happiness and blessings from above. Happy birthday Sis, bloom and blossom.

[68]. Happy birthday to you, God bless you and keep you always.

[69]. The Lord will bless and uphold you in His arms, He will meet all your needs according to His riches in glory. This is your year of higher walk with the Lord and great exploits will you do in His service. You’re just gorgeous! Birthday blessings!

[70]. Happy birthday, dear. Cheers to more life and good health. Have fun. Wishing you Heaven's best and brightest blessings today and always.

[71]. Happy birthday Babe. Continue to soar, sparkle and shine Sis. You are blessed in all your ways. I wish you a long life and prosperity.

[72]. Enjoy fresh grace now and always. May God bless you and grant you your heart desires.

[73]. Congratulations and happy birthday. Be abundantly blessed in Jesus Christ's name. Your year is beautiful and blessed!

[74]. Happy birthday, darling Sis! You look beautiful! It shall be a glorious new season!

[75]. Happy birthday beautiful, may your blessings manifest quickly in Jesus' mighty name. Many more years to celebrate in good health and wealth in Jesus' name.

[76]. Many more fruitful and fulfilling years in good health and wealth in Jesus' name. Happy birthday, dear. May you never know a better yesterday in Jesus' name.

[77]. Happy birthday dearie, more grace, favour and victories on all sides. Wishing you more victorious years in good health in Jesus' name.

[78]. Happy birthday daughter of zion, I wish you long life, good health and prosperity. Age with grace.

[79]. Never too late, happy birthday dear, age with grace, good health, strength, vigour, divine protection, provisions, absolute care, vitality and longevity of life to eat the fruits of your good labour.

[80]. Happy birthday, wishing you a day that marks the start of a spectacular year filled with happiness and success! Happy birthday and Wedding Anniversary Messages for Sister and Friend

[81]. Happy birthday sweetie babe, enjoying every bit of another 365 days in good health and happiness in Jesus' name.

[82]. Happy birthday beautiful woman. You will rise above every obstacle. God's grace will be sufficient in your life. Love you.

[83]. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I pray that your new age brings answers to all your heart desires.

[84]. May you have all the joy your heart can hold. All the smiles a day can bring and all the blessings a life can unfold. Happy birthday beautiful woman.

[85]. Welcome to a new decade of your life, today is your day. Make shakara. God is ever faithful. Even today I wish you massive grace to always win. Enjoy your new dawn dear.

[86]. Your new age looks good on you. Wish you long life and divine health. Pepper us small, small nah baby girl. Happy birthday, sweetie, soar!

[87]. I celebrate you pretty angel. Happy birthday to you beautiful Sis. You are blessed and highly favoured.

[88]. Happy birthday to you daughter of Zion. Your life just dey starts for life. Welcome to a new phase of life. God bless you immensely. Age with sufficient grace.

[89]. May God bless your new age. Happy birthday my wonderful and sexy Sister. May you always be happy. Enjoy your day but don't forget to send your cake or you will see me at your door first thing tomorrow morning.

[90]. May God increase your coast and grant you more memorable years ahead. Happy birthday my beautiful Sister, wish you all the best goodies in life. May the Almighty grant your silent prayer with multiple blessings.

[91]. You’re so beautiful Sisi. May this smile never seize from your heart. Happy birthday my finest sister, gain your new height every day. Love you plenty.

[92]. Who dey brag! Happy birthday beautiful Mama. More blessed years ahead. Happy birthday mbakara. Your better days are here.

[93]. Happy birthday, sweetie, may God bless and increase your greatness.

[94]. Happy birthday my darling sweet, your head carries oil and overflows. Wax in God’s abundance now and always.

[95]. Happy birthday fine woman. I wish you many more years of goodness and God's abundant blessings.

[96]. Happy glorious birthday to our beautiful Sister, age gracefully, congratulations and best wishes dear.

[97]. A long and fulfilled life I wish you, dear Sister. You’re amazing. Don’t forget it. Happy birthday, dear.

[98]. You shall always be celebrated for good things and favour, mercy and abundant blessing of God shall be yours all the days of your life. Happy wonderful birthday gorgeous Momma. God bless you and congratulations!

[99]. Happy birthday to my beautiful Sister. Waooo gorgeous you are darling, God bless you and more grace to you abundantly.

[100]. Happy birthday, my dear friend and Sister, you've been an amazing Sister to me in all ramifications. May God bless you and this smile shall never depart from you.


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Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!: Beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes and Greetings for Sister
Beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes and Greetings for Sister
These beautiful happy birthday greetings for sister are thoughtful birthday quotes to say happy birthday wishes to sister.
Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!
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