Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Grandma on Her Special Day

These best happy birthday wishes for grandma are birthday wishes for grandma from grand-children, friends and well wishers.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Grandma

Sending the best happy birthday wishes to Grandma comes with a great feeling that you still have around you a granny to draw words of wisdom about life.

It should be a thing of joy to celebrate with grandma on her special day. It is what would ever bring lasting memorable thoughts within the heart of grandma.

These Sweet collections of happy birthday wishes for grandma are some of the best messages of best wishes you can send to wish your grandma a happy birthday.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes to Grandma

Your grandma would always be a chapter in the book of your life. It is of the essence that you remember to send her these memorable birthday wishes to let her know that she is the best among grannies. Christian Birthday Greetings to Brother

[1]. Happy birthday Grandma, I wish you more years of sound health. May I live to celebrate my old age in sound health and fear of God as well.

[2]. Happy birthday to Mama. Thanks to God and your Grandma, for helping you to bring into this world amazing children that are the best parent to their children. We pray for you Mama. The Lord will strengthen you more as you age. Hip, hip, hurray.

[3]. It is no gainsaying that you are already reaping the fruit of your labour, our prayer is that you will yet reap it more. Happy birthday Grandma.

[4]. I tap into the anointing of old age and the grace to be surrounded by blessed and gracious children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Best wishes as you celebrate your day Grandma.

[5]. Happy birthday to you Mama. Thank you so much for bringing forth through your womb great children who are blessings to their generation. May you never lack all the good things in life. Age with grace!

[6]. Happy birthday Grandma, God will give you many more years to live in comfort, peace and sound health. You'll not lose any of God's gifts He has blessed your life with. Age in sufficient grace of God Almighty. 

[7]. Long life in good health and soundness of mind. God will continue to carry you. Happy birthday Grandma.

[8]. Thanks for being available for the fulfilment of God's plan, and thanks for being a vessel to which great children came forth. Keep ageing in comfort. Congratulations grandma, more unction to keep function! 

[9]. Happy birthday to Grandma. You shall not live the remaining years in sickness. But in sound health and peace of mind.

[10]. Happy birthday to Grandma, strength, sound health and honour to the end are my prayers for you.

[11]. Happy birthday Grandma, you are a vessel of honour to our generation. Once again happy birthday anniversary and more grace.

[12]. Many happy returns of the day daughter of Zion. Grandma, you are fortunate to convey a great vessel of honour to this planet. Long life is your portion. Happy birthday to you.

[13]. Happy birthday to you! I celebrate you greatly as you add one year today. May the great grace of God give you access to new levels in this new year as you aggressively advance towards your dreams. Happy birthday Grandma!

[14]. Glory affects age. Even at that, you still look younger than your age. Happy birthday Grandma, thanks for being a channel.

[15]. Happy birthday Grandma, I tapped into this longevity for my Mum too. More strength and good health in prosperity.

[16]. You are indeed blessed, thank you for allowing your son, our Dad to be used mightily by God. Mama is still looking chic. Happy birthday Grandma. 

[17]. Thank you for raising a man such as my father. May God keep you long enough for us. Happy birthday Mama.

[18]. Happy birthday great mother, and may you live more, we thank God for using you to raise a great voice, a father of nations and prophet of the Most High God. Hip, hip, hip, hurray.

[19]. Happy birthday, Mummy. We celebrate you and thanks you for giving the world a global gift in the person of your son.

[20]. Happy birthday Grandma, may you live long in health and in the soundness of mind. No matter how long you live, may you know no sorrow.

[21]. Happy Birthday with many happy returns Grandma. May you enjoy your remaining years in grace, joy and health. Blessed art thou among women! 

[22]. You are a fruitful vine. Your seed is speaking everywhere. Happy birthday Grandma. 

[23]. I key into the grace of long life and sound health that you have received Mama. It will answer me. Happy birthday Grandma.

[24]. You look stunning at your age. To God be the glory. I tap into this grace. More grace to you Grandma.

[25]. What a blessing to be the vessel that God uses to bring His choice Servant into our generation, indeed you are like the Mother Mary of our time. Thanks for your sacrifices. Happy birthday Grandma. 

[26]. I feel the same grace for my parents to age long in health. Happy birthday to you dear, wishing you all the best in life and more flourishing years to be celebrated here on earth, be filled with strength and grace to live more. Happy birthday Grandma.

[27]. We rejoice with Grandma on the celebration of her day. We wish you greater strength and prosperity. God who has helped you to enjoy the fruit of your labour will help us too. Happy birthday Grandma. Congratulations!

[28]. Happy birthday anniversary to the vessel that brought our amiable father to this world. Congratulations Grandma.

[29]. Happy birthday to one of the most favoured women on earth. More happy years on earth and in Heaven are assured when time is fulfilled.

[30]. Happy birthday to you Grandma, more years of good health, sound mind and all round prosperity. Grandma, I celebrate you and your gifts of honoured golden vessels you brought to this world and our generations, thanks, Mama.

[31]. Happy birthday, Mama, I claim this age and more years for my old Mum. Mama good health and vitality shall always be your portion till the end.

[32]. What a marvellous grace from God! Happy birthday Grandma! I celebrate you in these glorious years of your very enviable life and tap into this grace of longevity with strength and freshness.

[33]. I covet your grace, Mama. My womb will carry men that will expressly manifest God and all He represents, I will live so long and more. Happy birthday blessed woman of God. Enjoy the ease and rest in this new year.

[34]. I celebrate you, Great Grandma. You are indeed a vessel to honour forever. There is no word to say to honour you other than mother of the righteous. Happy birthday Ma.

[35]. Happy birthday to our great Mummy. May your remaining time on earth be filled with joy, happiness, fulfilments and sound health.

[36]. I covet the grace to live till ripe old age in sound health and surrounded by loving children and grand and great-grandchildren.

[37]. Happy birthday Grandma. May God continue to keep you in sound health. 

[38]. Happy birthday Mama, thanks for being the vehicle God uses to start a revolution that has blessed me especially. You are highly celebrated. Happy birthday Grandma.

[39]. Mama congratulations. I tap into your grace to eat the fruits of my labour too. Many happy returns in good health.

[40]. Happy birthday beautiful Mother. I pray the God that has preserved you until this age also preserves me to see my children fulfil their destiny.

 [41]. I join your children all over the world to celebrate you on this special day of your life. May God add more good years of sound health and wholeness to your life. Congratulations great Grandma.

[42]. More strength and God's comfort to you, Mummy. By this, we tap into the grace of longevity from you. Happy birthday Grandma.

[43]. Happy birthday Grandma, may the remaining years of yours be in bountiful happiness. I use you as a point of contact for my Mum, I pray she lives long in good health and wealth plus my Dad too.

[44]. Blessed are you among the women. May your years be long in peace and in sound health. You will not sorrow over any of your seeds. Thank God for the gift that came through you. I tap from your old age. Happy birthday Grandma.

[45]. Happy birthday Mama and I'm using you as a point of contact for my mother, may she stay longer on earth as you have stayed on earth in good health.

[46]. May you never bury your children. The rest of your life will be for glory. I tapped into the anointing of longevity. I celebrate you, Mama. Happy birthday to you Grandma. 

[47]. It's so obvious, you came through her. Striking resemblance. More grace and strength Grandma.

[48]. Happy birthday Grandma, may you live many more years to God's glory.

[49]. I tap into this grace for my Mum, parents, in-law, myself and husband including our siblings and children.

[50]. Happy happy birthday Grandma. The glory of your later years shall surpass the former.

[51]. Thanks be to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who blessed this womb to bore a great General to God's kingdom. Happy birthday to you, great Grandma.

[52]. God bless your new age and give you good health all the days of your life. Tapping from the anointing of long life for my family also. Happy birthday to Mama. 

[53]. It's a great honour and favour to wish you many happy returns. You look so fresh at that age. You are really blessed and highly favoured. Happy birthday, Grandma! 

[54]. Thank you for allowing God to use you the way you have. More grace Grandma.

[55]. Happy birthday to our highly favoured Grandma that gave birth to a great man who is a blessing to our generation. Age graciously Grandma.

[56]. Happy birthday our Mother, may you live longer in sound health without experiencing sorrow over your children.

[57]. I can see the admirable resemblance. Happy birthday to our own Grandma.

[58]. Wonderful birthday Mama. I claim this for myself and my children. More youthful years Grandma in health and wealth.

[59]. Happiness is the food of the elderly. May this food never cease in your lifetime. May our Fathers also enjoy this same food and we and the children after us. Happy joyful birthday Grandma.

[60]. Grandma, you will celebrate many years with your children in health and in wealth. Happy birthday Grandma

[61]. Thank God the grace is released to you. Good health and prosperity on every side. Happy birthday Grandma!

[62]. Happy birthday Grandma. My Mum received the same grace to be super healthy and strong in her old age. Ride on Grandma.

[63]. Happy birthday to the womb that carried the one who surrendered himself to be used by God to bring blessings to many. Live the rest of your life in good health and Heaven at last Grandma.

[64]. Happy birthday to you Grandma, You are a pleasant Grandma. Peace to you more and more.

[65]. What more can we ask of God for you Grandma. Greater grace to finish well and stronger. Happy birthday Grandma. 

[66]. God bless and keep you. Happy birthday to a blessed and highly favoured mother in a million. Happy birthday Grandma!

[67]. Happy birthday dear Grandma. I wish you just what you wish yourself. I also keyed into this wonderful grace of long life and prosperity enjoyed by you.

[68]. Increase in grace and impact with blessings. Happy birthday Grandma, you are already blessed for bringing such a system to the world.

[69]. Happy birthday Grandma, experience His glory more and more. Congratulations! God will continue to strengthen you Ma.

[70]. Age with an abundance of God's grace and mercy. Happy birthday Great Grandma! Prophecy is being fulfilled in your lifetime. God bless you the more Ma.

[71]. Happy birthday Grandma, more strength and grace for each new day. You will continue to enjoy good health.

[72]. Happy birthday Mama! May God bless you abundantly! Again happy birthday and many happy returns of the day Grandma. I key into this order of longevity as you celebrate your special day.

[73]. Happy birthday Grandma, your strength is renewed in Jesus' name. Congratulations on your new age Ma.

[74]. Mummy, happy birthday to you Ma. Your womb is really blessed to bring forth a vessel unto honour in the Lord. God Almighty will bless your new age.

[75]. The Lord will keep holding your hands till the end Grandma. I tap into this special grace.

[76]. Happy birthday to great grandma. Congratulations on your special day. Continue to enjoy God’s unfailing grace. More strength and good health as I tap into longevity with good health.

[77]. Happy scintillating birthday Ma'am, congratulations Ma, more grace, and cheers to all the family. Continue to live a strong and healthy life.

[78]. Congratulations to Grandma and the entire family. God's protection shall continually be upon you. Happy birthday Grandma. Continue to age gracefully Ma.

[79]. Happy birthday Mama. I celebrate you and the grace of God upon your life. Blessed art thou among women. Mama, receive greater grace for long life, good health, peace and prosperity. Congratulations Grandma.

[80]. Happy birthday Mama vessel of honour, continue to grow in the unfailing love of God and the beauty of every blessing of Christ for you. You will finish strong.

[81]. Happy birthday Mama. Wishing you strength and good health for your remaining days on earth. More of God's strength and favour. 

[82]. Happy birthday to you my lovely great Grandmother, long life and prosperity, and age with grace, your maximum this year will be your minimum next year, we celebrate the grace of God upon your life Ma, I love you, Grandma.

[83]. Great the Lord has made you and great you will remain. I celebrate the grace for longevity over your life. Age and flourish in grace, Grandma. Happy birthday!

[84]. Happy birthday Mama. More life to your years. You still look so young and beautiful. I tap into the longevity of your life Ma. Continue to shine Grandma.

[85]. Happy birthday Grandma. I wish you a long life with perfect health. More prosperous years in good health our Great Grandma.

[86]. As your age so shall your strength be. May God bless your new age. Happy birthday, Mummy. We love and honour you Grandma.

[87]. Happy birthday to you Grandma. Blessed really are you amongst women, blessed also is the fruit of your womb. Many happy returns of the day.

[88]. Happy birthday to you, our beloved mother. Good health is your portion. You shall eat more of the fruit of your labour Congratulations on your birthday Grandma! Age with more grace!

[89]. Happy birthday to you Mummy. May God's presence keeps abiding in you. May I also live to celebrate my 93 years in God's grace in Jesus' name.

[90]. Happy birthday to the woman that produced nurtured and raised wonderful children. God bless you, Grandma. The rest of your years shall be filled with joy.

[91]. Happy Birthday our Mummy, I connect to the grace of long life from you, may the Lord continue to strengthen you.

[92]. God continues to strengthen you from your inner man. Happy birthday, Mummy. you will continue to enjoy peace and blessings from the Lord till the end.

[93]. Happy birthday great Grandma, may your joy continue to increase with each passing day.

[94]. Happy birthday to you Mum, long life and prosperity to you. My mum, enjoy your day. It shall be well with you Mum.

[95]. Happy birthday Grandma. The Lord will continue to uphold you for us. More grace and blessing.

[96]. Your joy will not turn to sorrow, the matchless grace of God will continue to sustain you. Happy birthday to our great Grandma.

[97]. Congratulations Grandma. More blessed years in the land of the living. You will live to eat more of the fruits of your hands in good health and peace from above. Glory be in God's name. Happy birthday Grandma!

[98]. Happy birthday to you Ma'am, may the good Lord renew your strength to the end. God bless your new age with grace.

[99]. Happy birthday to you Grandma, lines fall in pleasant places for you. The Lord that has brought you this far will continue to strengthen and be with you. Congrats!

[100]. You are blessed among the women. I tap into your grace. Age gracefully. Happy birthday to you Grandma, longevity and prosperity are your heritage today and always.


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Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!: Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Grandma on Her Special Day
Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Grandma on Her Special Day
These best happy birthday wishes for grandma are birthday wishes for grandma from grand-children, friends and well wishers.
Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!
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