Beautiful Christian Birthday Wishes for Sister and Mother

These beautiful Christian birthday wishes for sister and mother are happy birthday, mom may God bless you with good health birthday messages.

Beautiful Christian Birthday Wishes to Sister and Mother

Truly, our Christian sister and mother deserve a lot from us during their special day. Birthday time is one rightful occasion for us to show how appreciative we are to them. 

Rightfully among other things, sending beautiful Christian birthday wishes for our sister and mother are one of the things we shouldn’t forget to do. Birthday Blessing Poems for Friends

Beautiful Christian Birthday Wishes for Sister and Mother

Here are birthday wishes and prayers for my mother, heart-touching deep birthday wishes for mom, Christian birthday wishes for mom, birthday prayer blessing for mother, Christian birthday wishes for wife, birthday wishes for mother, funny Christian birthday wishes and birthday blessings for daughter.

[1]. Looking fabulous always. Happy birthday Sister for life, have a great day! Beautiful sweetheart! May the Almighty Father bless you with many more blessings.

[2]. God bless you always! In every moment of the day, my prayer is that you will fulfil your destiny and also live to be a blessing to your generation. Happy Birthday Beautiful! Have a wonderful day.

[3]. Your kindheartedness is something that gives us joy. I join others to celebrate you today on this special day. May you live to enjoy many happy moments like this not only today but always. Happy birthday, Beautiful Butterfly! The one with a heart of gold! Birthday Poems for our Son from Father and Mother

[4]. I hope you had a beautiful birthday my dear. I wish I could have sung to you at the party like I did on the phone. You are indeed a true friend, a sister like no other. Happy birthday beautiful!

[5]. Enjoy your special day and live life fully to God’s glory. May each of your days be filled with beautiful memories of good tidings that would gladden your heart with gladness. Happy birthday, Queen! 

[6]. I pray you never lack many good things in life. May you live to accomplish the purpose and may your day be days of testimonies. May you always be on top. Awesome Happy B-day Queen, enjoy your day. 40th Birthday Wishes for Men

[7]. Every good thing you desire shall be your portion. May you be celebrated wherever you shall set your feet. Have a lovely day today and always. Happy Birthday! Much more life to live and enjoy.

[8]. Happy birthday to my Sissy! May you experience joy unlimited. May you always shine far beyond your peers. Have a happy moment filled with lots of smiles.

[9]. My beautiful Sister, the best among equals. We appreciate you always for all you did for us as a family. You are a source of encouragement to us all. May your special day always bring you joy, happiness and peace of mind. 80th Birthday Speech for Dad from Son

[10]. Today and always, we pray for God’s protection over you. You will be celebrated. You will achieve more and shall gain more. May you never be a victim of circumstances. Grow in grace and age graciously. Happy birthday and many happy returns!

Amazing Christian Birthday Wishes

Here are sweet birthday wishes for your Sister, Mother and Wife, these are the best words of encouragement to wish a woman of faith whose work is noticeable in your life. Birthday Wishes for an Amazing Woman

[11]. You will continue to be great. Your joy shall be made full. Your name is blessed and highly favoured. Good health is your portion. Evil will not see you. Your secret prayers will become a reality. Happy birthday to a beloved sister, wife and mother. 

[12]. Happy birthday! The Almighty shall continue to bear you in His arms for greater productivity. Many more glorious and fulfilling years.

[13]. Happy birthday to you Ma. Age with fresh grace, more of His fresh anointing.

[14]. Happy birthday to a sweet mother, counsellor, Pastor, teacher and coach. The Lord grants you more decades of a long life of growing impact in sound health, wealth and riches. I love you Ma.

[15]. Happy birthday, Mummy. God's grace and multiplied blessings forever are your portion today and always. 

[16]. Happy birthday, Mom, as your age is so shall your strength be. 

[17]. May the Lord keep you in the multitude of His mercies and adorn your life with wisdom and favour always.

[18]. Congratulations Mummy, you are such a blessing, your words of encouragement can never be forgotten. Enjoy your new phase in more joy, more peace and sound health Ma, as the good Lord increases your anointing for His glory. You are celebrated today and always Ma. Happy birthday Ma.

[19]. Happy birthday to you dearest sweet Aunty, Mum, role model, home builder and trailblazer. Thank you for your testimonies and teachings over the years. I appreciate you dearly Ma.

[20]. Happy glorious birthday Ma, wishing you much greater ages long grace, wisdom and longevity. Congrats to a very humble virtuous mother.

Christian Birthday Prayer for Mother

A sweet mother of yours and that your friend deserves these sweet birthday wishes. Pray for a Mother because that is what a mother does for their children and all those that are close and related to her. These Christian birthday prayers for mothers are birthday blessing greetings you can send to a mother like no other. Birthday Wishes for a Sister from another Mother

[21]. Happy blessed birthday Mummy, more glorious and blissful years, wishing you heaven's best all the way.

[22]. Happy birthday Ma! May God's blessings, favour and grace continue to be yours! Am honoured to know you!

[23]. Wishing you another year of great opportunities, achievements, personal growth and longevity! Happy birthday, Mummy. 

[24]. Happy birthday Ma, live long and Prosper in good health.

[25]. We celebrate you and I wish you many happy returns in good health, and greater heights in life and ministry Congratulations Ma!

[26]. May God satisfy you with all that makes for life and godliness now and always. Happy birthday pretty Mummy.

[27]. Best wishes as you age gracefully. Happiest birthday to you Ma'am. 

[28]. Happy birthday, dearest mother, I have learnt so much from you even though it's from afar. Heaven will keep blessing you for your labour of love in the kingdom, and your path shall drop fatness. Your smiles will know no end. You are loved deeply and respected! Enjoy this new year in good health.

[29]. Far more beautiful years of impact and glory. Congratulations Mummy. 

[30]. You will live and fulfil your destiny. I love you Ma. Happy birthday to you Mummy. 

Christian Birthday Wishes for Wife

A wife that is a friend and a mother would love these Godly birthday wish to wish her a happy birthday celebration. Short Birthday Wishes for Daughter

[31]. May the Lord Almighty catapult you into amazing heights. Happy birthday and God bless your new age.

[32]. Congratulations Ma, may your new face of life be overshadowed by God's glory.

[33]. Happy birthday to my Daddy's better half, continue to grow in God's grace Madam.

[34]. Happy birthday Ma. Your new year is greatly blessed. More glorious years ahead.

[35]. We celebrate God's grace upon you today and always. You shall be decorated and elevated. Happy birthday, Mummy.

[36]. Happy birthday to a wonderful woman of God. The light of the Lord will continue to shine forth on you.

[37]. Happy, happy, happy glorious birthday Mum. Happy breaking limit birthday, fresh fire full grace Mum

[38]. Happy Birthday my Mummy. You do not only accommodate all, you mould them for a better tomorrow. Congratulations Mummy and remain blessed forever.

[39]. Wishing you many more glorious years ahead. Happy birthday Ma. Congratulations!

[40]. Happy birthday, a woman of the Most High. More fruitful years ahead. A massive happy glorious birthday to you Ma. God bless your new age.

Birthday Christian Messages for Mom

Send a sweet mother these best wishes to celebrate and make her day special.  70th Birthday in Advance Messages

[41]. Happy blessed birthday to you Mummy. We love you and we’re grateful to God for keeping you for us. We pray for greater and higher dimensions of every blessing you desire.

[42]. Happy blessed birthday Ma. Wishing you, heavens best always. May God bless your new age!

[43]. May your life be decorated with the beauty and the glory of the Lord God Almighty. The Lord blesses you all around and makes you fulfil His plans and purpose in life. May you continually be strong and fit for His glorious use. And many generations be blessed by the reason of you. Happy birthday to you, our beloved Sister. We love you!

[44]. Age full of God's unspeakable acts. Congratulations and enjoy your new age. Happy birthday to you Mama. 

[45]. Mummy, you're blessed among women. May God Almighty continue to decorate your life with His glory. May beauty and honour remain your abode. Congratulations on your new age. Happy Birthday Ma'am!

[46]. Happy birthday daughter of zion and more glorious years ahead Mummy.

[47]. God will continually bless and keep you going forward. Happy birthday, Mummy.

[48]. Happy blessed birthday Ma, wishing you more of the finishers anointing, grow grey.

[49]. Happy birthday Ma, the Lord bless you real good. More grace in this new phase for greater impact. Congratulations Ma.

[50]. Grace found you, and grace will keep speaking for you. Happy birthday, Mummy. 

Birthday Messages to a Spiritual Leader

These collections of short birthday messages are special birthday wishes for a mother and spiritual leader. Birthday Wishes for Female Pastor

[51]. Enjoy the abundance of grace for many more fruitful years. Congratulations Ma. 

[52]. May you enjoy the best of God this new season. Congratulations Mummy. 

[53]. You are a blessing to this generation. Love and appreciate you Ma. Happy birthday Mama. 

[54]. Happy birthday to Madam and many happy returns. I wish you all the best you ever desire. A very big Congratulations to you.

[55]. Greater heights, more blessings. Happy birthday to you Mummy, age with unlimited grace.

[56]. Continue to age with uncommon grace! Happy birthday woman of God!

[57]. Many happy returns to you dear wife and woman of God. Long life and prosperity will be her portion. I rejoice with you and your entire family.

[58]. Happy birthday woman of God, more glorious years ahead. Congratulations!

[59]. Happy blissful birthday Ma, and long life and prosperity. Wishing you all of God's blessings.

[60]. As you celebrate, may the Almighty God continue to strengthen, protect and bless you. Happy birthday, Ma!

Best Christian Birthday Wishes for Mother

Here are some of the best Christian birthday wishes, sayings and greetings you can share with a mother like no other. Birthday Wishes to Couple

[61]. May God continue to strengthen you as you do His work. May you enjoy the fruits of your labour. Happy birthday, Mummy.

[62]. God will continue to keep and preserve you. Congratulations my darling Sister. Happy birthday, Ma.

[63]. May years and days belong in fulfilment of all your heart desires. Happy birthday Ma.

[64]. Fresh unction and multiplied grace for unusual exploits in life and ministry. Happy birthday Ma! Cheers!

[65]. Happy blessed birthday Ma, wishing you all of God's blessings.

[66]. Congratulations Ma, more glorious years ahead. Happy birthday great woman of God. Many already call you blessed. Happy celebrations!

[67]. May God bless you abundantly and with His blessings may you overtake all. Happy birthday sweet Mama.

[68]. A very happy birthday to you Ma'am! May the lines obey the word of God and continue to fall for you only in pleasant places and the number of your days God will fulfil. Best wishes!

[69]. May your line continue to fall into pleasant places. Happy birthday Ma!

[70]. Mama, happy birthday, the Lord bless and keep you today and always. 

Beautiful Religious Birthday Messages for Mother

Let your Mom be delighted in you with these best birthday wishes for a dear friend, Sister and a Mother who is kindhearted.

[71]. Happy birthday beautiful Mom, age gracefully in Jesus' mighty name, Amen!

[72]. Happy birthday to you Sister, wishing you many more years of grace in Jesus' name, Amen!

[73]. Happy birthday Ma'am. You're blessed beyond measure. I tap from your blessing.

[74]. Happy birthday to you Mama, may your gift of longevity and grace endure. Happy birthday in advance Ma. I call you blessed.

[75]. Happy birthday in advance Ma'am. The Lord bless and keep keeping you. Wishing you strength and God's blessings.

[76]. Happy birthday beautiful Mummy! May God keep you in good health. More strength unto you. Beautiful years ahead.

[77]. Happy birthday, darling Mother. May God bless and keep you. Wishing you sound health and happiness

[78]. I tap this wonderful blessing on behalf of my aged Mum and my humble self. Happy blessed birthday Ma'am. Wishing you happiness!

[79]. O, my good Lord! You are privileged my friend to be blessed with such a Mom. Happy birthday to you blessed mother, keep enjoying God's favours.

[80]. Happy birthday Mum, long life in good health. I wish you well with the greatest smile our generation can abhor.

Religious Birthday Messages for Mother

These religious birthday wishes for a mother are birthday prayer messages for a sister, a mother and a mentor whom you admire for her selfless service to humanity.

[81]. Happy birthday, Mummy. Thanks for giving all to God and your labour in His vineyard. Grace has been multiplied unto you again! Congratulations Ma!

[82]. Happy birthday Mum. More auction to function effectively, more anointing, wisdom and God's grace in Jesus' name. May you never become an ex-champion.

[83]. I uniquely and joyously rejoice with a devoted sister who is spreading and teaching the words of God Almighty. Happy birthday to you dear Mummy in the Lord. More anointing in Jesus' name.

[84]. Happy birthday Ma. The anointing to continue and function well and strong in God's vineyard will never run dry in your life.

[85]. Hallelujah Jesus is alive. Let the name of the Lord be praised. Happy wonderful and glorious birthday Mummy. God in His infinite mercy will bless your new ages with uncommon testimonies. Your life and family will enjoy more of God's abundant joy, power, anointing, mercy, grace, goodness, favour, peace, progress and glory. 

[86]. Happy birthday to you Mummy. May you continue to flourish in the vineyard of the Lord and may you not be found wanting when the roll is called up yonder in Jesus' name. More years in good health Ma.

[87]. Happy birthday to Mummy, I thank God for His faithfulness and mercies upon your life. Thank God for the new year, I thank Him for the exploits He worth through you. The hands of the wicked shall never prevail against your life. You shall grow from glory to glory.

[88]. Happy birthday, Mummy. We pray that you shall continue to flourish in the house of God, and we pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen you and bless all that concerns you. We wish you more years of happiness and celebration in the vineyard of the Lord. Congratulations!

[89]. Happy birthday Ma. I pray you to continue to wax strong in the Lord. The Devil will not write the last chapter of your life. We love you.

[90]. Happy birthday to my beloved Mother in the Lord! May the Lord perfect everything that concerns you. 

Christian Birthday Wishes for a Woman of God

Let these best wishes for a woman of God be one of the best birthdays wishes you can send across to your Spiritual Mother and mentor.

[90]. Happy birthday, Mummy. You are indeed a blessing to our generation. Thank you for yielding yourselves to God. The Lord who has called you will never leave nor forsake you. He will hold your hand and be with you to the very end. Cheers to many more beautiful, fruitful, impactful and fulfilling years ahead.

[92]. Happy birthday to my beloved spiritual mother, pastor and mentor. May the Lord perfect everything that concerns you, your family and the ministry in the mighty name of Jesus. Much love from me and my family.

[93]. Happy birthday to you Ma. Many have and many will still come to the light through you. You are a blessing to this generation. Wish you many prosperous years in His presence.

[94]. Happy birthday to my spiritual Mommy. More glorious years in the hands of the mighty Jehovah that gave you to us and greater grace to do exploits for God's kingdom in the matchless name of Jesus.

[95]. The Lord has done it again! Congratulations and happy birthday to our Mummy in the Lord. Your anointing will never run dry. God leads always.

[96]. It's an honour and a rare divine privilege to be alive in your day. Celebrating you is to celebrate divine visitation and divine intervention on earth. Greater grace and power to you, for rare and outstanding exploits, miracles, signs and wonders, in Jesus' mighty name. Happy birthday, Mummy!

[97]. We are most joyful today and praise Jehovah because He has deemed you worthy to bring you into yet another new age of your life. Happy birthday to you dear Mummy in the Lords.

[98]. Happy birthday, Mummy. Your birthday is another reminder that God indeed created a beautiful and wonderful person like you who is a blessing to us. May your oil never run dry. May the grace of God upon you continue to increase. May you not derail from God. Have a joyous celebration Ma.

[99]. Words cannot express all. You are indeed a blessing to our generation. Many more years in good health and sound mind in Jesus' name. Much love to you, Mum.

[100]. Happy birthday to Mummy, may God's anointing never run dry in your life, continue to live in good health of mind and body and keep impacting lives positively.


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Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!: Beautiful Christian Birthday Wishes for Sister and Mother
Beautiful Christian Birthday Wishes for Sister and Mother
These beautiful Christian birthday wishes for sister and mother are happy birthday, mom may God bless you with good health birthday messages.
Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!
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