Belated Birthday Messages, Wishes and Sayings for Mothers

These belated birthday messages for mothers are happy belated birthday, lovely birthday messages for mothers and deep birthday wishes for mom.

Belated Religious Birthday Messages to Mothers

A special collection of belated religious birthday messages for mothers are what we have here for you. Wishing our mothers a happy birthday on their special day should be something delightful to do. 

If we understand the roles played by mothers to shape our destiny, we would do all it takes to make them feel special on their day. Birthday Messages for Sister and Friend

Big shout out to all the beautiful mothers inside and out who made us the person that we are today.

Belated Birthday Messages for Mothers

If you are looking for the best belated birthday wishes, religious birthday wishes, happy birthday mom wishes, belated happy birthday, happy birthday to my spiritual mother, birthday message for a spiritual mentor, spiritual birthday and birthday wishes for a woman of God, here are the belated religious birthday messages for mothers.  Birthday Wishes for Sister 

[1]. All things shall always be new. You have lived a life of impact. May you always make news. We thank God for allowing you to see another year. May you always live in peace, joy and harmony. Happy belated birthday.

[2]. Happy birthday, a gorgeous woman of faith.  I appreciate everything you do and I'm so grateful to be a part of the people you mentored. You are indeed a blessing to us all. We love you. I hope you have the best amazing birthday ever; you deserve it.

[3]. Grace is better than disgrace. Today grace will speak for you. Happy birthday! May God bless you with what you have prayed for that is good before Him. May He shine His face upon you at all times. Enjoy the best of your day. You deserve the best.

[4]. May the Lord reward you with what you worked for and grant you what you hoped for. May He pleasantly surprise you with what you have not asked for and make your life always delight someone.

[5]. Happy Birthday to the smartest, kindest, prettiest and dearest of all mothers! I hope and pray that this year brings you all the joy you deserve. Age in grace!

[6]. Happy Birthday to my lovely friend, a mother, my business partner, my motivator and lover of Christ! On this Day I wish you beautiful years ahead. God bless you and make your day special to celebrate. Happy birthday and many happy moments that are filled with joy and happiness.

[7]. Happy birthday dear friend and Mother, God bless your new age. I refuse to call you a friend because you have been more than a Sister and a mother to me. I'm grateful to God Almighty for giving you peace of mind and everlasting joy. As you celebrate your Birthday, I pray that happiness shall always be your portion today and always. 

[8]. Happy birthday, I pray that God Almighty blesses you with long life and prosperity.  I wish you all the best. May your passion for the things of God grow more and more in Jesus' name.

[9]. Wish you a happy birthday, long life in good health and peace of mind with great accomplishments. May you age graciously in Jesus' name. And may your day be showered with happiness and bountiful blessings. Happiest birthday to you! Enjoy your day.

[10]. Wishing you many more years and much more happy return's in good health with long life and God’s grace with favours always. Congratulations and happy birthday to you. Enjoy God's love today and always.

Belated Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Mother

Here is belated religious birthday wishes to send to a sweet mother. A blessed birthday celebration to you a sweet mother. You know I love you, right? Live additional 200 years. Happy Birthday Wishes to Mother

[11]. Happy belated birthday to a Mother like no other. May God's perpetual light shine upon you every day of your life.

[12]. Happy birthday to an Amazon and an amazing mother. Wishing you many more happy returns of the day!

[13]. Happy birthday to the mother of a good man. A more and more blessed you we'll continue to see. Enjoy Mom.

[14]. Blessings and more. Congratulations today and always. Have a wonderful time. May you continually grow in leaps and bounds. Happy birthday Mama!

[15]. God bless you. Live long and excel in all you do. Happy birthday to you sweet mother. More years of God's glory upon you.

[16]. A very special and super happy birthday to you, our dear mother. May lines continue to fall in pleasant places for you. May your later years be more greater and beautiful than the former. May God continue to decorate your entire life with peace, joy, happiness, all-round success, excellent health, long life and prosperity. May God crown it all with your heart's desires. Have a wonderful celebration and enjoy your special day with a lot of goodies.

[17]. May you continue to be a solution provider to our generation. Happy birthday, Mother!

[18]. Happy birthday to a woman after my friend's heart, the brain behind his success. May you continue to live and witness many successful years.

[19]. You're such an incredible woman. May Heaven bless and enlarge you on all sides. Happy Birthday once again to a sister and mother.

[20]. May your blessings be perpetual. May you live long to reap every seed you have sown in the lives of men across the globe. Have a splendid day!

Birthday Belated Prayer for Mother from Daughter

Here are a daughter's best birthday wishes for her dear mother. You can sample these birthday wishes and pick some to send to your Mom. 1st Year Birthday Quotes

[21]. Happy belated birthday Mom. God bless you richly. Thank you Mom for being a very good wife to Dad. Enjoy more fruitful years in life, Mom. May God increase your greatness and comfort you on every side.

[22]. Mummy, may God continually bless and expand your coast. May the good Lord open a new chapter in your life in this new year of yours. Happy belated birthday wishes to you, Mom!

[23]. Happy birthday dearest mother, your new age is sanctified and blessed. I call you blessed and a blessing you will ever be to your generation. 

[24]. A blissful birthday anniversary to you Mother. Stay strong and enjoy your best years.

[25]. Thank you for everything you have done to stabilize all the behind-the-scenes turbulence. You were truly created to complement this great man. Happy belated birthday and many, many sweet returns!

[26]. May God bless your new age and prosper the works of your hands. Cheers to more fruitful years ahead. Happy birthday beloved woman of God. 

[27]. All those born this month are very unique and special people. Happy belated birthday and many more fruitful years ahead! Birthday blessings to you, and may your line fall in pleasant places.

[28]. May the Lord grant the good desires of your heart for this age. May this new age herald pleasant experiences through and through. Happy belated birthday to you Mom. 

[29]. A very happy birthday to you, our ever-dependable, supportive and very understanding wife of a Man. Best belated wishes to you Mom!

[30]. Your birthday is a celebration of beauty and purposefulness par excellence. Happy belated birthday dear mother. More grace for more accolades!

Belated Christian Birthday Wishes for Mother

Here are some of the best Christian belated birthday wishes for a dear mother. Happy birthday to you sweet Mother. Many more productive years are ahead. Sweet Birthday Sayings for Friends

[31]. Happy belated birthday anniversary. May God's blessings compass you about, lines falling in pleasant places for you and the Almighty by Himself is giving you peace on every side. Happy birthday to the engine room of our home.

[32]. You are continually kept by God's mighty hand. Wishing you the best in your new age. Happy belated birthday dear Mother, many thanks for everything you do.

[33]. You're an amazing person, especially to your family. It is a blessing for us all. May God continue to increase you in all areas of your endeavours. I celebrate you today as always, Mum. Congratulations!

[34]. Happy belated birthday dear sister of mine. I am wishing you the best life has to offer you. Glow on in the consciousness of God’s love for you. You are a royal diadem.

[35]. Happy birthday celebration to our intercontinental sweet mother, great grace abounds towards you always.

[36]. May God Almighty bless and sustain you mother for showing us the way to love and cherish our wife. May God bless you with good health, long life and prosperity. Happy belated birthday wishes sweet mother!

[37]. Happy belated birthday, your Majesty, Queen of our family Dynasty! Best wishes on your birthday Mom.

[38]. All that you need to succeed Mom, you already have and that's why you are climbing mountains and crossing bridges though difficult but seems seamless. Congratulations to all of us who are attached to you, mother. Happy belated birthday Mom!

[39]. Happy belated birthday to a very enduring Mother. Good news alone shall be your portion in your new age.

[40]. Happy birthday to my beautiful mother. Of a truth, you are a quiet achiever, soar, expand, do exploits, subdue, overcome, overtake and recover all as you step into noiseless but highly impactful heights. We love you, mother.

Birthday Belated Prayer Blessing for Mother

Belated birthday prayers for mothers are here for you to pick from and send to your mother or a sister who places the role of a mother in your life. Happy birthday Ma'am. Age gracefully beyond human imagination. 40th Birthday Wishes for a Brother

[41]. Happy birthday to a masterpiece of feminine excellence. Keep breaking boundaries and expanding territories. Many more years of laughter, satisfaction, sound health and promotion. Happy belated birthday wishes to you sweet dearest mother!

[42]. Happy birthday to my dear brother's wife. I share with you and your household on this special day and pray God continually grants you wisdom, good health, happiness and prosperity in this new age now and always. Congratulations Ma!

[43]. It's better late than never. For a man to be productive he needs a stable mind and for any married man to have a stable mind, he needs an Angel as a wife, Ma, the results are shown and seen in His daily productivity. This has made us know that you are that very Angel behind and beside the Boss. Happy birthday, Angel, may you experience heavenly touch on every side.

[44]. Lorries trailers and trucks of hearty cheers to you on this special day of yours. May God's blessings on your life so far, be the tip of the iceberg, as more of such is coming your way. May mercy embrace grace on your way to divine fulfilment!

[45]. Happy belated birthday and best wishes in health, strength and knowledge. Rock your new levels in a new fashion, Mma!

[46]. Happy smashing natal day celebration. Congratulations and best wishes. Happy belated birthday, age gracefully and healthy. Great grace abounds towards you.

[47]. Best wishes to an amazing personality and genuine woman. May God continue to bless and keep you safe and sound. Mummy, I pray God to protect and sustain you, happy belated birthday Mother!

[48]. Happy belated birthday anniversary. I join the host of heaven to celebrate with you mother. God bless and keep you safe and sound.

[49]. Happy birthday to you beautiful woman. Wishing you more glorious years. Have a great celebration. You're mightily blessed.

[50]. Best birthday wishes, Mother! More fruitful years ahead! God bless and keep you! Happy belated birthday to you, may God keep blessing you and Grant all your dreams.

Belated Emotional Birthday Wishes for Mother

Let emotions flow and let the heart of a mother bring joy to everyone that would come in contact with her. Making a mother feel the true heart of finding joy with these sweet belated birthday wishes. Happy birthday Ma'am; may God bless your new age. 80th Birthday Speech for Dad from Son

[51]. Your set time has come. May God continue to beautify your life, and bless and satisfy you beyond human understanding. We celebrate you today and always. Have a blast celebrating mother!

[52]. Happy birthday truthful woman, I will forever acknowledge your truthfulness. God bless you plenty. More years for greatness!

[53]. Happy birthday to you, my sister from another mother. I am happy that your marriage has remained a blessing. 

[54]. Happy belated birthday, Mummy. I wish you many more years in life. Your union is an example to many. Keep soaring higher.

[55]. Happy birthday Ma'am. May God continue to make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.

[56]. Behind every successful man is a successful woman. A very happy belated birthday to you. Cheers to amazing years ahead!

[57]. Happy birthday to the amiable wife. More blessings. An age full of fulfilment, a life full of success, a thought full of inspirations, a size full of strength, a height full of endowment, aspiration full of motivation, a mighty blend for loving and a greater test to love and serve her creator. Happy belated birthday to you.

[58]. Best wishes to you, mother. More wins, more accolades, more trophies as you mount a new phase and podium, a pedestal of wisdom.

[59]. Happy birthday to you, mother. Live longer, healthier and happier. I wish you the greatest opportunities ahead.

[60]. Happy birthday to a virtuous woman. Congratulations and best wishes to a dear friend. I celebrate you, Ma! Wishing you all your best heart desire!

Belated Birthday Quotes for Mom from Son

Best wishes of birthday quotes from a son to a Mom are here for you to select from. You would love these birthday messages that would make the heart of a mother glow always. Birthday Wishes for Female a Pastor

[61]. Happy victory celebration Mma, and more grace to achieve more blessings from God. Once again congratulations and a happy belated birthday wish to you.

[62]. You are such a wonderful woman. Best wishes in your new age. God bless and keep you. May the young heart never grow old. Happy belated birthday!

[63]. My birth month mate. God bless you, Madam. God's blessings I pray in this your new year. Age with massive grace! Happy birthday Ma'am. Best wishes always.

[64]. Best wishes to you. Soar gracefully. I wish you a long life, good health and prosperity. Congratulations dear, you are favoured.

[65]. A glorious happy birthday to you Ma'am. God bless your new age with laughter and celebrations. Enjoy your day.

[66]. Happy birthday dearest Mommy, age gracefully. Cheers to more years of celebration.

[67]. Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. You will finish well and strong. I pray for sound health, peace, prosperity and long life.

[68]. Mummy, age gracefully with sound health and wealth in abundance. Congratulations and happy birthday to a woman of substance. We wish you more grace and greater anointing as you pursue your walk with God.

[69]. Dear Mother, continue to enjoy God's grace and mercy. Your new age is richly blessed. Many more joyful celebrations! I celebrate God's grace upon you Mother even as I pray for more longevity without infirmity. Keep winning.

[70]. May the good Lord, even the God of your father bless your new age, make you more fruitful and productive in God's vineyard and more successful in your marriage. We love you, Mummy!

Belated Religious Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Madam

Share these best religious birthday quotes and messages for a Madam and mother who is not only kind but a blessing to you. 1st Birthday Wishes for Daughter

[71]. Happy birthday to the woman of God and a sweet mother. More grace and long life of service to God and humanity. Wish you the best in your new age. Live long and stay blessed in the Lord's unending grace.

[72]. I join hands with heaven to celebrate you on your birth date. Your new age is abundantly blessed, may the grace of God continue to be sufficient for you. Congratulations!

[73]. Happy birthday to you Mom you added a year today so shall experience unlimited happiness and permanent peace of mind shall be your portion.

[74]. Mummy, I wish you a long life, good health and prosperity. May the Lord bless you and uphold you with His victorious right hand.

[75]. Wishing you an abundance of God's blessings in your new age and beyond. More grace and anointing to run the race to the end and be an impact to more souls. Happy birthday Mama!

[76]. The speed to wax strong in the gospel will continue to locate you. Happy birthday Mummy, God's blessings and protection upon you always.

[77]. Happy birthday to you Mom, long life and prosperity. You will not die but live to eat the fruit of your labour. Age with sufficient grace, happiness, breakthrough, peace, joy and sound health.

[78]. The grace of God will continue to abound in your life. May the face of the Lord continue to shine upon you. Happy birthday to you Mom, long life in sound health and a closer walk with God.

[79]. Best wishes on your birthday beloved Sister, enter into a new realm of possibility as you age gracefully. Congratulations!

[80]. Happy birthday to you, and lots of joy and gladness all the way to you. Keep winning on all sides.

Belated Religious Birthday Wishes for Mother-in-Law

These belated birthday wishes are for a sweet mother-in-law. Your mother-in-law would appreciate it if you care to send these birthday greetings to wish her a happy birthday on her special day. Birthday Wishes for Dad from Daughter

[81]. Happy birthday daughter of Zion. Bigger and blessed are you. You are anointed afresh for greater glory and exploits in life. I wish you the best of joy and happiness in all your ways. God bless your new age!

[82]. Many more years to celebrate if Jesus tarries and you will fulfil your destiny.  Continue to shine brighter and brighter.

[83]. May your light continue to shine brighter and brighter and anyone that has an encounter with you will receive a divine visitation. Happy birthday to a great daughter of Zion.

[84]. May the Lord continue to uphold you and refresh your new phase of age with much more grace and anointing. Happy birthday beloved Sister. More glorious and fruitful years. Age with sweetness!

[85]. Happy birthday to you. Many more years of peace, happiness and joy.  The Almighty God will move you from one level of glory to another this season.

[86]. A most blessed and joyous birthday to you Mom, as your days are so shall your strength be. Age gracefully with long life, good health and speed in all you do.

[87]. May you eat the fruits of your labour. Goodness and mercy shall continue to follow you all the days of your life. Happy birthday sweet mother-in-law. 

[88]. More grace to you with sound health and wealth in abundance. Belated happy birthday Ma, continue to grow in the knowledge of God's grace.

[89]. Increase in all that pertains to life and Godliness. You have blessed Ma! Happy birthday. May you be favoured in your new age and beyond.

[90]. Joy and gladness shall always be found in your habitation. You shall witness more of this day in sound health and happiness in the land of the living.

Heartfelt Belated Birthday Wishes for Mother

Let these heartfelt birthday wishes be a token of your greetings to a dear friend and mother who is celebrating her birthday. 40th Birthday Wishes for Friend

[91]. We really appreciate God’s grace upon your life. His grace will be sufficient for you throughout the days of your life. Congratulations Ma.

[92]. Heaven will jump rules and protocols and bless you. Happy belated birthday to you Ma, you will celebrate more years ahead of you. Long life and prosperity!

[93]. More years to come in good health and many breakthroughs and enlargement. Happy birthday to you great woman!

[94]. May you never become an ex-champion. Happy birthday Ma. Grace and more grace all your years on earth. Have a wonderful celebration.

[95]. It will be a greater year of success and multiple testimonies for you. Happy birthday, Madam, your joy will not become sorrow and bitterness.

[96]. The Lord perfects all that concerns you and gives you what no man can give you. Happy birthday to you Ma. God bless your new age and increase your knowledge.

[97]. Happy belated birthday Ma, age gracefully in the Lord continually and live to fulfil your good dreams. God bless your new age with abundant grace and God's favour.

[98]. Wish you many more of it on earth. Happy birthday Ma. Age gracefully in good health and sound mind.

[99]. God bless your new age, more grace and more anointing. May God continue to bless you with your beautiful heart desires and your home too. Have a blessed and more beautiful life. 

[100]. Happy belated birthday Ma'am. Excel in greater grace. May you live long to fulfil your destiny.


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Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!: Belated Birthday Messages, Wishes and Sayings for Mothers
Belated Birthday Messages, Wishes and Sayings for Mothers
These belated birthday messages for mothers are happy belated birthday, lovely birthday messages for mothers and deep birthday wishes for mom.
Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!
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