Happy Birthday Wishes to Mummy G.O., Pastor Folu Adeboye

These birthday messages are special wishes to our Mother-in-Israel. We celebrate this great woman of God who is a blessing to our generation.

Birthday Wishes to Mummy GO, Pastor Folu Adeboye

The 13th of July in every year is the birthday of our Mother-in-Israel. We celebrate this great woman of God who is a blessing to our generation.

In celebrating Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye, wife of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, here are some of the best happy birthday wishes to Mummy G.O., Pastor Folu Adeboye.

These birthday wishes are birthday prayers, quotes, wishes and messages for a blessed woman of God whom the Lord honours. Mummy, may you always shine and be a blessing to your generation. Mummy, we, your spiritual children, love you so much. God bless your new age.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Mummy GO, Pastor Folu Adeboye

Here are some of the amazing birthday wishes to a woman who is delighted in doing the work of God. Happy Birthday Messages and Best Wishes for a Man of God, a Leader and Mentor

[1]. Happy birthday to our mummy, mother in Israel. I wish you long life and prosperity and more anointing in Jesus’ name. 

[2]. Mother of nation, happy birthday my Mummy in the Lord. God bless you real good and keep you in good health and sound mind in Jesus' mighty name. 

[3]. Happy birthday mother of nations. May you continuously age beautifully and more anointing Ma. 

[4]. Happy birthday to a wonderful mother. May the Lord continue to bless and beautify you, Mummy, with more strength, joy and divine guidance to the end in Jesus’ name. Indeed you are a blessing to us, your children and the world at large. Love you Mother in Israel. Congratulations Ma.

[5]. Happy birthday to you Ma. You will live to witness many more years in health and continue to grow in the grace of God in Jesus’ name.

[6]. Happy birthday to the greatest woman of virtue. We pray you to live longer in the love and light of Christ. You shall continue to be a blessing to many generations.

[7]. Mother of Nations. Happy glorious birthday, our Mummy. I want to ask this on your special day, One day I shall be celebrated throughout the whole world like you Ma. And I receive the grace in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday victorious Mummy, Wife and Grandma. Your generations will never suffer Ma. Happy birthday to you Ma.

[8]. Happy birthday to our Mother-in-Israel, may the Lord bless your new age and increase you in strength, knowledge and understanding of God. You are indeed a mother to both biological and spiritual children. Much love Ma. 

[9]. Happy birthday to you Mommy. Longevity and good health from our Lord Jesus Christ be your portion. A good example of all young ladies nowhere can be found, only from your submissions, as a virtuous wife. God bless you with more birthdays to come in Jesus’ name.

[10]. Happy birthday to you Mummy, may God continue to protect you and your family, may God's anointing continue to flow in your life and family and above all you and your household will not be found wanting on the last day. 

[11]. Happy birthday to our Mother in Israel, our mentor, and our role model, may your anointing never run dry, and may your light continue to shine brighter throughout the world wishing you many more prosperous years to come in good health and strength in Jesus’ mighty name.

[12]. As your work gladdens heaven. As your service pleases God, may He shower upon you today His bountiful goodness and pure love as you add another wonderful year. Happy birthday woman of God.

[13]. Happy birthday to the Mother of Mothers. You will fulfil your days and shine brighter in this new year in Jesus’ name. I love you Ma.

[14]. Happy birthday Mother of many children. Thanks for being a mother and a role model to us. God will continue to bless you.

[15]. Happy birthday, Mother in Israel. May you stay healthy and happy for the years to come. 

[16]. Happy birthday Mama. God bless your new age. May the Lord continue to strengthen you for the great task at hand in Jesus’ name.

[17]. Happy birthday to our Mother in Israel. May your light continue to shine brighter. God will grant you more grace, and more anointing and strengthen you more for the task ahead. Many more fruitful years ahead in Jesus’ name.

[18]. Mother of mothers, happy birthday and more glorious celebrations in good health.

[19]. Happy birthday to my Mother in the Lord and Mother in Israel. The Almighty God will bless you mightily and increase you with overflowing joy, peace, good health and long life in Jesus’ name. Your impact on our lives is a miracle and a blessing. Happy birthday, Mummy. Congratulations and God bless you.

[20]. Happy birthday our Mummy, many more years of celebration and fresh anointing. 40th Birthday Wishes to a Brother and Friend

[21]. Too many good attributes. God uphold you more in Jesus' name. Congratulations on your birthday Mommy!

[22]. Happy birthday Mummy, more glorious years with more grace, favour, mercy, power, anointing, great wealth with good health and mercy to finish well in Jesus’ name.

[23]. Happy birthday, Mummy. You are a rare gem and blessing to this generation. May God satisfy you with long life in joy and peace. May your new year be filled with greater testimonies and fresh anointing for bigger exploits. May you finish well and strong in Jesus’ name. Congratulations.

[24]. Happy birthday, Mummy! More of God's grace and strength. You shall finish strong in Jesus’ name.

[25]. Happy birthday beautiful Mummy and many more fruitful years ahead.

[26]. Happy birthday Ma, may your strength be renewed as you age with grace. Many happy returns Mummy.

[27]. Happy birthday to you Ma'am, age with grace and happiness and family above all long life and prosperity for you to enjoy.

[28]. Happy birthday to you amazing Mommy. May you forever be relevant in Christ in Jesus’ name. Cheers to your new age. Love you so much, amazing Mom.

[29]. Happy birthday, Mummy. May God bless your new age with long life and more anointing. 

[30]. God bless your new age with sound health and wellness in Jesus’ name.

[31]. Happy birthday Mummy, more fruitful years in sound health and happiness.

[32]. Happy birthday our Mummy, more years to celebrate in good health, more grace and anointing in Jesus’ name.

[33]. I tap from your anointing Mama, more strength, peace, joy and beauty of the Lord. Congrats Mama.

[34]. Happy birthday to our great and best Mummy ever. A role model to millions. A blessing to many generations. The number one fan and help meet of our estimated Daddy G.O. As you age gracefully may your light continue to shine brighter and brighter roundabout the globe and your strength be renewed as an eagle continually in Jesus’ name. 

[35]. Happy birthday to you Mummy, keep waxing stronger in the Lord from glory to glory.

[36]. Happy birthday Mummy, and more anointing, strength and peace in Jesus’ name.

[37]. Happy birthday to a Mother in Israel. Age gracefully with good health and more grace for God's work.

[38]. Happy birthday Mummy, may God continue to keep you anointed as a pillar to our Daddy, more fruitful years in your union and divine health, glow, soar and more wins Mummy.

[39]. Happy birthday, Mummy. May God Almighty grant you more fruitful years. Wishing you sound health in Jesus’ name.

[40]. Happy birthday Mummy, my mother in Israel. I pray for more grace, more anointing and strength in Jesus’ name. Congratulations Ma. 

Best Birthday Wishes to Mummy GO, Pastor Folu Adeboye

[41]. Mummy G. O., I tap from your anointing, more strengths honour and blessing. Happy birthday, may this week be blessed for me and my household.

[42]. Happy birthday to you Mummy. May the Lord continue to bless, strengthen and keep you under His wings.

[43]. Happy birthday to you Mummy G.O. Age in great grace and good health with the strength to work in the vineyard of God. More grace to function in Jesus’ name. May you be blessed on every side in Jesus’ name. May this be the best year yet for you. Congratulations. All the very best wishes to you.

[44]. Happy birthday Mother. Wishing you all the best from God and many more years to come.

[45]. Happy birthday Mummy GO, as your years increase, so shall the Lord keep renewing your strength. More grace and anointing for His work ahead Ma. God bless you, Mummy.

[46]. Happy birthday, Mama, the Lord will strengthen you and grant you good health for all the remaining years of your life in Jesus’ name.

[47]. Happy birthday to a very wonderful and special Mother, our Mummy G.O. May God's grace be multiplied on you Ma. Many happy returns of the day. Love you so much Mummy.

[48]. Happy birthday my Mummy. I wish you every good thing in life. I pray for divine health and long life for you Mummy and that you should finish strong and well.

[49]. Happy birthday dear Mummy, may the Lord continue to renew your strength and grant unto you fresh anointing from above, the Lord shall satisfy you with long life in good health and sound mind in Jesus’ name. Congratulations Ma.

[50]. Happy birthday mother of nations. More years, Mama in good health and God’s grace. 

[51]. Happy birthday Mummy, more of His grace upon your life and ministry.

[52]. Wishing you a very happy birthday servant of the Most High God! Mummy G.O., your new age is blessed with greater anointing in Jesus’ name. I rejoice with you today and always. Congratulations Ma. 

[53]. Happy birthday, Mummy. The Lord keeps you, strengthens you more and increases your anointing. I love you, Mummy.

[54]. Happy birthday to our Mummy and Daddy's heartthrob and partner in the kingdom work.  May the good Lord continue to anoint, strengthen, protect, encourage, prosper and grant you long life, peace, joy, sound health and greater grace for greater works in Jesus’ mighty name.

[55]. Wish you a joyful day as you celebrate this special day. May the Lord continue to use you and fill you with His spirit and fresh anointing to serve Him always in spirit and in truth and touching and impacting lives across nations of the world. Many more years ahead Mummy. Happy birthday, Mummy.

[56]. Happy birthday Ma, God bless your new age. I wish you many more years in good health, with long life, prosperity, and abundance of God's blessings. I pray more anointing and the grace of Almighty God, continue to dwell in your life, Ma.

[57]. Happy birthday, Mummy. God bless you more and be with you always. May you finish well and finish strong in Jesus’ name.

[58]. Happy birthday Ma'am, God bless you and keep you. May you live long.

[59]. Happy birthday to a daughter of Zion, our mother in Israel, a woman who fears the Lord, a solid help meet, a soulmate, a partner in progress, a vision minder, a goal getter, a relentless prayer champion, a prayer addict, power-packed vessel and heaven bound citizen. Your path shall glow unto perfection in Jesus' name.

[61]. Happy birthday to a mother of many generations whose love for her children is uncommon. May the Lord continue to keep you and you will experience a new wave of glory this new year of yours in Jesus’ name. We love you Mummy G.O.

[62]. Happy birthday Ma. You shall be lifted high beyond falling. You shall excel in all that you do, the Lord will keep upholding your family, and disgrace will be very far from you and your family.

[63]. Happy birthday Mum. We love and celebrate you today and always. We pray that this new year shall be unto you as the beginning of years. More grace, strength and vigour to you. God keep you.

[64]. Happy birthday Ma. God bless and increase you on all sides. May His purest light shine on your path to excellence and greatness. Continue to win souls unto heaven. We love you Mama always. God bless you and your household. Congratulations.

[65]. Happy birthday amazing trailblazing godly Mommy. God bless you abundantly. You are a great inspiration to womanhood and motherhood globally. May our good Lord continue to shower upon you His mercies and grace. Enjoy your special day beloved diamond mother of all.

[66]. Happy birthday Mummy, more strength, more anointing, sound health and God's blessing as you journey into another year, the glory of the Lord will continue to radiate upon your life Ma.

[67]. Happy birthday Mummy G.O., with gracious and glorious years ahead. You have impacted generations of life through your word of God and exemplary living of God's word.

[68]. Happy birthday, dearest Mummy. We just want to say we love you for allowing God to do all He's doing to the kingdom through you and for all that you represent. More strength, greater grace, greater anointing in Jesus' name.

[69]. Happy birthday to you Mummy. My family and I are saying thank you for being a good mother to all of us at RCCG. May the good Lord bless the remaining days, months and years of your life with long life, sound health and greater anointing in Jesus’ mighty name.

[70]. Happy birthday to Mummy, I pray for God's blessings and strength to live to reap the fruits of your labour over your children, affliction shall not rise the second time over your children and children's children. You won't fail God in the Christian race.

[71]. Happy birthday Grandma, Mother in Israel, the Lord who has been faithful in keeping you will continue and never cease because His mercies never run out Ma.

[72]. Happy birthday Mum in Christ. The Lord freshen your youth as you keep soaring higher.

[73]. Happy blessed birthday Mother, we pray for the greater dimension of God’s mercies, grace, faithfulness, love and blessing upon you.

[74]. Happy birthday Mommy, the oil of God in your life will not dry up, you're a blessing to everyone and you will forever be a blessing to us and the next generation. The Lord God has won your battles and has also answered your prayers. I wish you a long life in good health and in prosperity. God bless ya Mommy.

[75]. Happy birthday Mummy G.O. Mummy, we celebrate God’s faithfulness in your life lavishly and to the rooftop to the glory of God. We humbly pray that the Lord continues to strengthen you physically, spiritually and on all fronts as you add a year today in Jesus’ name.

[76]. Happy birthday, Mummy. You are my role model. Wishing you more strength as you journey in this life. May the Lord continue to be your source of joy and happiness. He will not leave you nor forsake you. You will finish well in Jesus’ name. Congratulations my spiritual Mother.

[77]. Happy birthday to a new year of God's protection, faithfulness and divine settlement on our dear Mother. Happy birthday Mum, you're blessed and have been a blessing to many nations, kindred, people and the world at large, thank you for being a role model to many homes and marriages, may your strength never fail you, Mummy, you'll finish well and strong in Christ Jesus. I love you, dear Mother.

[78]. Mama our own Mother in Israel. Happy birthday of God's grace and favour. Good health and prosperity as you age with grace in Jesus’ name.

[79]. Happy birthday, Mummy, the Lord is your strength Ma'am therefore you will not know any weariness in your life. Body, soul and Spirit you will be stronger to help the ministry committed to the family succeed. Things will always turn around for good, always for you Ma. Glory be to God for the life well spent on earth and the privilege to still be a life strong. Congratulations Ma'am.

[80]. Happy birthday, the great woman of the Most High God. I wish you God's blessing, favour and many more in the years to come. God bless your new age, Mma. Heartwarming Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Parents

Best Happy Birthday Messages to Mummy G.O., Pastor Folu Adeboye

[81]. We appreciate God for His faithfulness over Mummy. Happy birthday Ma. More of God's presence, grace and blessings in this new year and beyond. You will be constantly relevant in God's kingdom and to many generations in Jesus' mighty name. Congratulations Ma!

[82]. Happy birthday to the dearest Mummy whose heart and soul are as beautiful as she is, you are such an empathetic and caring person, may God continue to increase you, protect and keep you for good for your family and for the RCCG family as a whole. l love you, Mummy. God bless you in Jesus’ mighty name.

[83]. Happy birthday to my Spiritual Mother, a Mother in Israel. We join the host of heaven to thank God for the supernatural power bestowed on you. Continue to soar higher in all your endeavours my Mummy. I love you Ma.

[84]. Happy birthday, Mummy. As you increase in age, so shall you increase in strength, anointing, favour from God and man, grace, blessing, power and every good thing in life. You shall finish well, strong and glorious in Jesus’ name.

[85]. Happy birthday, Mom. God bless and protect you. You shall continue to grow and be strengthened in Jesus’ name. More grace and enablement.

[86]. Happy birthday, Mummy. We love and appreciate you so much Mummy. Stand strong always Mummy. God's oil of gladness will never run dry in your life and in your family in Jesus’ name.

[87]. Happy birthday big Mummy with a sweetheart. A rare gem of simplicity, grace, virtues and excellence. May the Lord replenish you in strength, grace, and anointing. Your days shall be fulfilled in Jesus’ name.

[88]. Happiest birthday to our mother in Israel. May God continue to shield you from every pestilence and uphold you all the days of your life. Aged graciously, Mum!

[89]. Happy birthday to my Mother in the Lord and faith. May the glory of God shine on you forever and the light of God wouldn't be taken off from you Ma.

[90]. Happy birthday to our wonderful Mother of faith. Blessed of the Lord and carved as a mighty pillar of support to a very great man. The grace that perfects one to finish with flying colours is yours always Mummy. You are forever blessed in Jesus’ name. Inspirational Birthday Wishes for True Friends

[91]. Happy birthday, Mummy. We all have benefited from your ministry. Thank you for allowing Daddy to stand strong for the Lord. Thank you for being a strength to him. May this new age cause unending God’s faithfulness in your life.

[92]. Happy birthday to our Mother in Israel, wishing you God's continuous protection, sound health and lots of happiness. Age graciously in the Lord. Congratulations Ma!

[93]. Happy birthday, darling Mum. You will live long in good health. You will always have reasons to rejoice. You will never fail, fall or falter. God will be with you to the end. Thanks for leading an exemplary life. I'm proud to call you Mum. Hearty cheers!

[94]. Happy birthday to a distinguished Mother in Israel. Thank you for excelling many daughters in God's kingdom. May you never experience a better yesterday and may you receive multiplied grace to finish well in Jesus’ name.

[95]. Happy birthday to you our Mother in the Lord, we pray for good and sound health for you Ma, and you will live to eat the fruits of your labour. Many more years ahead.

[96]. Happy birthday Mummy of many generations whose love for children is uncommon. This heaven will smile on you this new year and bless you in all your ways. We love and appreciate you Mummy G.O.

[97]. Happy birthday to our Mummy of millions of children! We celebrate with you as the Lord added a year to you Ma, we wish you long life, sound health and more grace to function. You will finish strong.

[98]. Happy birthday to Mummy G.O., my God blessed your new age, you have impacted the generation of life through the word of God you are a virtuous woman and we are blessed to have you as our Mummy in the Lord and may God bless you to witness more of it if Christ tarries. Once again happy birthday to Mummy, enjoy your day.

[99]. Happy birthday to you Ma. The Lord will continue to keep you unto the very end. Your love for your children is second to none. The Lord will uphold you and you shall not be ashamed. 

[100]. Mother of all mothers, and my entire household says a big and wonderful birthday to you. We pray for more strength as you continue to serve the Lord in good faith. Happy lovely birthday to you. God bless you now and always.



Birthdays Messages: Happy Birthday Wishes to Mummy G.O., Pastor Folu Adeboye
Happy Birthday Wishes to Mummy G.O., Pastor Folu Adeboye
These birthday messages are special wishes to our Mother-in-Israel. We celebrate this great woman of God who is a blessing to our generation.
Birthdays Messages
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