Heartwarming Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Parents

Heartwarming birthday wishes for daughter from Mom and Dad. Indeed having a daughter would forever be one of the best gifts any parent would wish.

Best Heartwarming Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Parents

Indeed having a daughter would forever be one of the best gifts any parent would sincerely wish for. And when her birthday is at hand, you would do everything to celebrate her. These birthday wishes for a beautiful daughter are heartwarming birthday wishes for my daughter from my parents.
The emotional birthday wishes for my daughter are birthday messages and quotes for daughters from father and mother. These birthday messages are also friends' birthday wishes for a friend’s daughter who is celebrating her special day. Touching Birthday Message to a Best Friend and Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends
Send these heartwarming birthday quotes to celebrate your daughter on her birthday. 
Heartwarming Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad and Mom
These are heartwarming birthday-daughter quotes from a mother and father. The birthday messages are thoughtful birthday wishes that would always encourage and inspire a daughter to be the best at all times. Birthday SMS for Sister and Bday Wishes for Friends
[1]. My sweet girl. I celebrate you my dear and I wish you more grace, more love, more favour and every good thing that comes from above. Happy birthday to my daughter.
[2]. Happy birthday my cutie. May God bless you and grant you many more fruitful years ahead.
[3]. May God's favour, grace and protection never cease in your life and may you be a blessing to your family and the world at large. Happy birthday to you baby.
[4]. Happy birthday to you sweetest little angel and many happy returns of the day! God bless. Wishing you God's wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
[5]. The little babe with the hottest swag, happy birthday my dear. May God bless your new age. Age with grace. Happy Birthday Wishes to Mummy GO, Pastor Folu Adeboye
[6]. May God keep, protect and continue to bless you my sweet beautiful and amazing daughter. May your years be prolonged as He who made you continue to shower you with multiple graces and supernatural wisdom and knowledge. Happy birthday to my precious daughter!
[7]. Happy birthday sweet daughter. Wishing you all the best of life, pretty little angel. May you continue to grow in wisdom and understanding.
[8]. May you grow from glory to glory and may you bring joy to the family. May God bless your new age. Have the best of your birthday.
[9]. Wow! I rejoice with my Angel as she adds another feather to her wings. May God's grace continue to speak for you, my Angel. I celebrate you, Darling. Happy birthday, dear!
[10]. Happy birthday, princess. May God bless your new age. Wishing you many more blessed years.
[11]. I love you, my princess, I celebrate you today and always. May God's favour be your portion now and always. Happy birthday my sweet little princess!
[12]. Happy birthday dear daughter. You are a star, my super girl. May your latter be greater than the former. I love you now and ever.
[13]. Happy birthday, Supergirl. Continue to grow in the wisdom and love of God. May you always be a blessing to your family and the world at large. God bless you always.
[14]. May your new age bring more wisdom and God's protection upon you faster and further. Achieve your destiny. God bless you, darling.
[15]. Happy birthday my lovely daughter! God bless you with wisdom and understanding. Greater and greater shall you grow. Cheers!
[16]. Great is God's blessings upon your life. Happy birthday sugar girl. God bless you abundantly in all your endeavours. More grace love. Birthday and Wedding Anniversary Sayings for Sister and Friend
[17]. Happy birthday little angel. Your star must keep shining. May you live long and grow up to be an anointed daughter of the Most High!
[18]. Happy birthday my angelic baby your destiny is sure. I am wishing you all the good things in life.
[19]. You are wonderfully and specially made. Your future is indeed very bright. I pray for you that you will live to fulfil your destiny. Happy birthday and a glorious future to you, my love!
[20]. Happy birthday my little girl, may you grow with the fear and wisdom of God and may your days be brighter.

[21]. Happy birthday beloved of God, lines have fallen unto you in pleasant places, and you have both a goodly and godly heritage. Stay preserved. Blessings always.

[22]. Happy birthday adorable, continue to grow in the Lord's mercies in Jesus' name. Happy birthday great mother of great nations, I celebrate you even as you soar higher.

[23]. Happy birthday, daughter. God's grace and mercy be multiplied unto you. May this new year mark greatness on all sides and may all your prayers be answered speedily.

[24]. God bless and keep you darling. God bless you and guide you through this new age and beyond. Happy birthday to your dearest daughter, and more celebrations. Keep winning and soar higher than your peers.

[25]. Happy birthday Princess of the house. May God bless your new age gracefully have a nice day. God will never forget you.

[26]. May God continue to bless the lovely young lady you are becoming and may you continue to bring much joy to all who love you. Happy gracious birthday dear, soar darling.

[27]. Fearless, resilient, bold, courageous, undaunted. The ends of the earth will hear you. Enjoy living dear. You're made with more for more. Be much more. Happy birthday baby girl.

[28]. God will continue to make your star shine brighter than your peers. Happy birthday to you, beautiful daughter, God bless you. May God give you a special birthday gift this new year of your life. Enjoy your day.

[29]. Happy birthday to you pretty girl. Higher and greater is your portion. Break forth, shine forth and grow in excellence. Congratulations!

[30]. Your light will shine brighter and brighter for the whole world to see. Happy birthday beautiful girl, may the Lord continue to keep you and you shall fulfil your destiny in Jesus' name.

[31]. Happy birthday my baby, your generation will delight in your shining light, I can see your light shining as you arise and shine.

[32]. Happy birthday to God's own lights that illuminate everywhere, you shall be the source of joy to everyone around you, and once again from all of us, we wish you the best in life.

[33]. Happy birthday, Princess Wishing you a new age with God's grace. Thank God for adding another blessed year to your life, it's well with you.

[34]. Grow bigger, better and wiser in Jesus' name. Happy birthday to my beautiful Princess, you will continue to grow in wisdom.

[35]. Happy birthday beautiful daughter of Zion. May God bless and preserve you for greater exploits. Again, happy birthday celebration to a shining star.

[36]. Happy birthday, girl! Arise and shine to the glory of God. Long life and prosperity, age with sufficient grace and more years ahead of time, leave long and be a blessing to your family.

[37]. Happy birthday, daughter of Zion. May God bless your destiny. Your life shall be full of testimony and the family shall be proud of you.

[38]. Grow in the mercy and grace of God. Happy birthday our darling daughter, you will fulfil your days in good health in Jesus' name. Stand out and impact your generation for God. More win darling.

[39]. Happy birthday to you the Queen in the house, may you shine in Jesus' mighty name.

[40]. Congratulations and happy birthday to you, grow to maturity with supernatural speed on every side and fulfil your days in Jesus' name.

[41]. Happy birthday to you. More grace to excel and more blessings upon your life in the mighty name of Jesus. Enjoy your day Queen.

[42]. Happy birthday our Princess, God's blessings on all sides. Grow in grace and wisdom and in the knowledge of God as you age.

[43]. Happy birthday to my baby, truly your star shall shine in Jesus' name. More grace upon you and your family as you grow in wisdom and understanding.

[44]. Happy birthday dear beautiful angel. Live long and fulfil your days on earth in Jesus' name. Happy birthday, cutie.

[45]. Happy birthday to my baby girl. May the light of God continue to shine upon you as you age. More celebration is on the way for you. I'm delighted to wish you a very happy birthday celebration.

[46]. My prayer for you today as always is that you will continue to discover more of God as per your purpose in life. May you fulfil that purpose stressless but in grand style. You will not falter and you will not fail. Happy birthday to you my beautiful Princess. 

[47]. The Lord Almighty shall keep you strong enough to refuse evil but choose good always. Happy birthday my lovely Princess.

[48]. A joy and a solution to generations are who you are and who you will continue to be. You are taught of the Lord and great is your peace. Keep growing in the wisdom and knowledge of God. Happy birthday my awesome daughter.

[49]. I love you endlessly and am so proud of the gorgeous lady you are turning into every day. Congratulations to you my bundle of Joy, my awesome daughter in whom I am well pleased. Happy birthday to you, the joy of my heart.

[50]. Happy birthday sweetheart, God bless your new age. Age with grace and wisdom, and soar in God's grace. The sky is not your limit, God is.

Heartwarming Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Parents

Birthday Wishes to Daughter from Parents and Friends
Here are birthday wishes and messages for a daughter from her mother, father and friends. Send these heartwarming birthday wishes for your daughter and emotional birthday wishes for your daughter to encourage your daughter towards achieving her goal in life. Christian Birthday Greetings to Brother

[51]. Happy birthday to you my Princess. This is the least you shall ever be. Your path shines brighter and brighter and your path drips with goodness. Live long and live well in Jesus' name.

[52]. My pretty girl, you shall celebrate more years on earth in Jesus' name. Happy birthday to the beautiful angel. May the good Lord bless your new age with wonderful surprises. Congratulations!

[53]. Happy birthday, girl, grow in wisdom, wish you long life and prosperity. Age gracefully in Jesus' name. Congratulations!

[54]. May your day be filled with happiness and love. May all of your wishes and dreams be fulfilled on your special day as ours was the day you were born. Happy birthday, dear.

[55]. Happy birthday my baby. You are eternally preserved. Wishing you many more glorious years ahead in good health and in plenty. Keep winning and keep shining. Congratulations and have a blast!

[56]. Happy birthday beautiful. Enjoy the very best of every moment. I wish you long life and academic excellence.

[57]. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter, I wish you more glorious and blissful years ahead in Jesus' name. I pray that your new age reveals a new phase in your life that will unfold God's manifestation.

[58]. May God bless your new age with abundant blessing in Jesus' name. Happy birthday, dear. You're spotlessly beautiful.

[59]. Happy birthday, my beautiful Princess, nothing shall be able to limit you, higher and higher in all your endeavour in Jesus' name. Continue to shine in God's glory my dear girl. Enjoy your day.

[60]. Happy birthday to a pretty and charming-looking lady. God will bless your new age. Continue to grow in the Lord and age gracefully.

[61]. Happy birthday beloved daughter. Greatness is your portion in Jesus' name. Wishing you God's blessing always.

[62]. Happy birthday, honey. May your new age bring you joy and comfort. More shining and God's wisdom.

[63]. Happy birthday, dear daughter of Zion. You are unstoppable and unlimited. May you celebrate many more in good health, happiness and success. Continue to grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Age with sufficient grace.

[64]. Happy birthday my Princess, wishing you a long healthy life and prosperity, you shall live to the fullest of your purpose on earth. Beautiful Princess. Like a mother, like a daughter. Congratulations!

[65]. Happy birthday beautiful, may the Lord bless you abundantly in Jesus' name. More years ahead I pray for you. Your days on earth shall be full of testimonies of God's mercy. Enjoy your day dearest!

[66]. May you grow in God's grace, wisdom and favour of the Lord. Happy birthday, dearie. Grow in grace!

[67]. As you start a new year, may God shine His light to guide and protect you, give you wisdom and knowledge from above, remain focused, discipline and fulfil His destiny for your life. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter.

[68]. Happy birthday my dearest. Wishing you many more prosperous years. Continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge. God bless dear.

[69]. Happy birthday, my Princess, you are for signs and wonders, may you always see the face of the Lord at the point of your demand. Congratulations darling.

[70]. Congratulations darling, your ground shall be productive and your land shall yield her increase. Happy birthday to you.

[71]. Keep shining as you celebrate more of God's grace upon your life. Age with abundant grace little Sister. Happy belated birthday sweetie. Wishing you a blessed plus one.

[72]. Our daughter is growing, and Asoebi is loading. Happy birthday young lady. You will fulfil destiny. You will be an achiever. You will be great. I wish you a long life and prosperity.

[73]. Happy birthday daughter of Zion, more wisdom, knowledge and understanding. May the Lord bless you as you live to please Him and serve the Lord with all your heart in Jesus' name.

[74]. Happy birthday to you darling. You are blessed. Continue to enjoy His grace. You shall be great, you will fulfil destiny in Jesus' name. Your new age is blessed dear.

[75]. You are most celebrated on the occasion of your birthday. Age gracefully. Happy birthday my daughter, may God perfect your ways in Jesus' name.

[76]. Congratulations on your birthday dearie! God will direct you to a new turning around that will grant you those lofty goals that you have prayed for, those outstanding achievements that you want and those indelible marks of greatness that you want to make. May you live to eat more of the fruits of your labour in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Wishing you more in the blessed new age! Happy birthday, dear!

[77]. Happy birthday to you Princess, long life and prosperity, and many years into your life. You shall succeed in all your dealings, and your glory will not be once upon a time, best wishes on your birthday.

[78]. Happy birthday to my queen, you will live long to fulfil your destiny in Jesus' name. Continue to grow in God's favour and wisdom.

[79]. Wishing you greater height as you grow older life. Many joyful returns dear. Happy blessed birthday Pretty, keep winning now and always.

[80]. Happy birthday beautiful Princess, you are sure of signs and wonders. Grow and shine for Christ. Many happy returns. Age with unlimited grace.

[81]. Happy birthday adorable, long life in good health and prosperity I pray. The Lord bless and keep you. He's perfected all that concerns you and has sent you help from the sanctuary.

[82]. Happy birthday my darling. May God bless and keep you, you will continue to be a source of joy in Jesus' name. In your generation, you shall be a reference point and a solution provider and your voice shall be heard for good in all the nations in Jesus' name.

[83]. Happy birthday dear, may you continue to be a source of blessing to your family. You're blessed and highly favoured.

[84]. Happy birthday adorable. Keep shining brightly like the star that you are. Be blessed all the time.
[85]. Happy birthday, dearie. I pray for more wisdom, insight and favour in your life. You are a blessing to your generation. God bless and keep you.

[86]. Great seeing you grow dear. Happy joyous and gracious birthday. God increases every impactful planting and waters every positive seed in your life to meaningful manifestations and majestic testimonies in Jesus' name. Welcome to the heights of greatness as you grow in grace.

[87]. Happy birthday dear, you are the seed of the righteous, you shall be mighty on the surface of the earth. God bless you.

[88]. God bless you in all your endeavours. Happy birthday, darling. Enjoy God’s grace and guidance all your days.

[89]. Happy birthday adorable girl, may the heavens rejoice and dance with you as you celebrate this special day. Be blessed always, and may His wisdom and grace forever be yours.

[90]. Happy birthday, dear. May the Lord God cause His face to shine upon you always. On the wings of God's love and protection, you are kept. You are blessed!

[91]. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. My amazing baby, happy birthday dear. May God's countenance continually shine on you.

[92]. Happy birthday adorable girl, keep growing in God's might, wishing you more celebrations ahead. May God's blessings continue to rain on you.

[93]. May your life henceforth be an expression of God's uncommon favour and grace in dimensions that you have never known. Keep excelling from grace to grace and from glory to glory. Happy birthday, darling. God bless you!

[94]. Happy birthday, Princess, keep thriving, and stay richly blessed and highly favoured. Congratulations my dear girl, your lights will never dim, for God will always be a light unto you.

[95]. Happy birthday adorable sweetheart. Enjoy greater seasons. Grace to stand strong is yours in Jesus' name. Blessings always!

[96]. Happy birthday beautiful daughter. May the Lord bless you today and always. Keep basking in God's wisdom. 

[97]. Happy birthday, dear. May God continue to be your rock and your solid ground. May wisdom attend to you always until you have become all that God has made you to be. You are such a brave child. Enjoy your new age.

[98]. Happy birthday, Princess. May all good things of life locate you in Jesus' name. Grow in grace and favour with God and man.

[99]. Calm, caring, loving, accommodating girl, you are and lots more. I thank God for you and wish you great years ahead. Happy celebrations my darling.

[100]. Happy birthday, dearest! It is such a joy and pride to see you evolve into a wonderful young woman. I pray to God Almighty to bless and keep you and also order your destiny to fulfil your purpose in Jesus' name. You are loved!


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Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!: Heartwarming Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Parents
Heartwarming Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Parents
Heartwarming birthday wishes for daughter from Mom and Dad. Indeed having a daughter would forever be one of the best gifts any parent would wish.
Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!
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