60th Happy Birthday Wishes for Female Friend

These happy 60th bBirthday wishes for female friends are inspirational 60th birthday quotes for mom and 60th birthday messages for mom from daughter.

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Female Friend

The best among your best friends just turned 60 years and here for her are messages of sincere wishes to celebrate her special day. Wishing such a friend a happy birthday should be something that is on your mind. To live and see 60 years is not a joke.

For that special friend of yours that just turned 60 years, these birthday messages which are specially crafted for her would truly fit into that special card that would come her way as one of your birthday gifts for such a friend.

These birthday messages for 60 years old friends could be happy 60th birthday messages for Mom from daughter, son and friends.

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Female Friend 

This is a happy 60th birthday wish to the queen of your heart. Indeed many women sincerely could do noble things, but a mother who is a friend surpasses them all. The Lord is indeed a merciful and gracious God. Birthday Wishes for a Celebrity

[1]. Happy birthday great woman. Cheers to an amazing new year ahead. Aunty, happy 60th birthday celebration.

[2]. Happy birthday Mummy. May this year mark the beginning of your best years ever. 60 is a perfect number, imagine 60 more of happiness and more happiness. God bless you Ma.

[3]. Happy birthday beautiful Aunty. You don't even look 60. Congratulations Aunty. May God continue to strengthen you in Jesus' mighty name.

[4]. Happy birthday to Mama! We celebrate you. 60 already. Congratulations Aunty! Wishing you many more glorious years ahead in good health and plenty of God's blessings.

[5]. Happy birthday to your Mum, 60 looks good on her. All the best in your life is my prayer for her.

[6]. It's a milestone that calls for thanksgiving and celebration. Many happy returns to my own Sister! May God cause you to flourish in all your ways. Happy birthday!

[7]. Happy birthday Ma and God bless you in Jesus' mighty name. May the Lord increase her joy and peace.

[8]. Many happy returns Aunty. May the light of our heavenly Father continue to shine upon you. I wish you good health, peace of mind, happiness and abundant blessings today and always. Big congratulations. Enjoy your day to the glory of our Lord. Hip, hip, hip!

[9]. Happy 60th birthday, charming Aunty. The Lord will preserve you and grant you many more fruitful years in good health and joy. Congratulations.

[10]. Happy 60th birthday Ma, I pray for more wisdom, knowledge, understanding, strength and good health.

[11]. Happy birthday to your beautiful Mum. Wish her more years of celebration, good health and peace. God bless you.

[12]. The Good Lord grants you length of days in good health and favours. God bless you richly.

[13]. Wow! My Aunty is 60! To our heavenly Father be all the glory. Your path will continue to shine ever brighter like the first gleam of dawn unto a full blown day. Happy Birthday Mama!

[14]. Happy birthday Aunty. 60 looks good on you. We rejoice with you on your attainment of this great landmark. May the Lord give you strength and refresh you daily. Enjoy many more lovely years in good health and prosperity. You're blessed!

[15]. Happy Birthday my dear Sister, the Lord will continue to cover you with his love, mercy, protection and His grace. You are highly blessed amongst women!

[16]. Happy 60th birthday Aunty, more years to celebrate in good health and happiness in Jesus mighty name. Your strength will not fail, your eyes will not go dim, be blessed forever Ma.

[17]. Happy birthday big Mummy. Many more celebrations in sound health and peace of mind. Live longer and prosper. The Lord keeps and watches over you today and always. Continue to shine in the Lord.

[18]. Happy glorious 60th birthday Mama. You shall enjoy the fruits of your labour in long life and sound health.

[19]. Happy birthday our Mummy in the Lord, enjoy your day and continue to live Godly life as you have been up to the end of your long days. Mummy happy 60th birthday. Increase in age!

[20]. Wow 60 and you are still this beautiful. Happy birthday Mummy, age gracefully. May God continue to give you more years in sound health!

[21]. Happy 60th birthday to you Aunty. You will spend the rest of her life in bliss in Jesus name. I key into this grace for my mother. May the blessings of God rest mightily upon you.

[22]. I join millions of people to celebrate you good Mummy. May you live to eat more of the fruits of your labour. Congrats and 60th happy birthday blessings to you!

[23]. Happy birthday Mummy! God Almighty that preserve your life till this age will grant you everlasting joy unspeakable. You will not mourn throughout your lifetime in Jesus name.

[24]. You look good at 60 years old. We shall celebrate you at 100. More spiritual and physical strength Ma. Happy birthday to you wonderful woman, age with abundance God grace.

[25]. Happy 60th birthday, the Good Lord will make you stronger the more and you will finish the race stronger. May the Lord keep you continually. More of God's grace upon your life.

[26]. Happy 60th birthday remembrance Ma. You are indeed the mother of nations. Happy belated birthday Aunty. Blessed are you amongst women.

[27]. Happy birthday to Mummy. Still keep enjoying grace and strength on every side. Happy 60th birthday Mama, You will eat the fruit of your labour in good health and sound mind.

[28]. Continue to experience strength, vitality, health, joy and prosperity. Happy 60th birthday Mummy. I wish you a long life and prosperity in good health and sound mind.

[29]. Age with sufficient grace. Happy perfection 60th birthday dearest Mama, the Lord is mindful of you and has perfected all that concerns you. Massive grace for you now and forever!

[30]. More grace in good health and enjoyment galore. Happy 60th birthday to you Ma, I tap from it for my Mom, Dad, my husband and children and self. You are evidently blessed beyond measure Ma.

[31]. Happy 60th birthday Ma. God bless you more and more this is awesome indeed. To God alone be all the glory. Wishing you many happy returns and more gracious years on earth. 

[32]. Happy birthday to you Mummy! You shall continue to be a joyful mother of children. More glorious years to come and more years in health and vitality.

[33]. We celebrate God's grace and blessings upon your life Ma. Happy 60th birthday Mummy. More grace, good health and safety always in Jesus mighty name!

[34]. God be with you now and always, enjoy your day. Happy 60th birthday Aunty, you shall live the remaining of your life in good health.

[35]. Happy birthday to our big Mummy, you will spend the rest of your years in a healthy, strong and sound mind. May you continue to wax strong in God. We celebrate you Ma. Enjoy your day.

[36]. Happy birthday Mama, wishing you more years with good health. The Lord will continue to strengthen you. You will live to be 120 years if Jesus tarries.

[37]. I tap into your blessings Ma. As your days are, so shall your strength be. Happy birthday Mummy. Good health, strength and vitality is your portion to the end.

[38]. Happy 60th birthday Ma, thank God for fulfilling His covenant of long life in you. The Lord blesses you real good and increases you more and more.

[39]. What a feat! Congratulations Mummy on your birthday. As your days atr, so shall your strength be. May the Lord bless, strengthen and keep you in Jesus' precious name. Age with abundant grace.

[40]. Happy birthday Aunty, the rest of your days are full of joy. You will never bury your children in Jesus' mighty name. Wish you more years of God's grace and favour.

[41]. Happy birthday to you Mummy. May you live long to eat the fruits of your labour. I pray I will also live long to see my own great grandchildren in Jesus Christ name.

[42]. May the Almighty God continue to keep you in perfect health and grant you peace on every side. Happy 60th birthday Ma, more grace to celebrate the years ahead in Jesus name.

[43]. Happy birthday our Mother, many years of glorious life ahead. We celebrate you Mom. You're blessed among women. Happy 60th birthday great mother!

[44]. Happy birthday Aunty, continue to soar in God's grace and strength. We celebrate God's faithfulness in your life. I tap into this grace of longevity of life for my Mom, myself and my siblings.

[45]. This Mama is worthy to be celebrated. Congratulations to Mama, I pray you will witness a more glorious year. Many happy returns of the day.

[46]. May the Lord fill your life with goodness and spiritual blessings in Christ. Your joy shall not be cut short in the mighty name of Jesus. Happy 60th birthday Mama, we celebrate the grace of God in your life.

[47]. Happy 60th birthday to the great womb that brought forth Samuel of our time. I claim the same grace for my Mum. Your seed is blessed. Good health is your portion. May every sunrise bring you hope and every sunset bring you peace.

[48]. Happy birthday Mummy, more fruitful years in divine health and happiness. May God continue to renew and increase your strength in Jesus' name. May God satisfy you with longlife and sound health.

[49]. Age in good health and splendor. God will uphold you till the end in Jesus name. I celebrate the grace upon and I covert this grace. May the Lord keep you, your remaining years shall be sweeter than your past years. Glory!

[50]. Wishing the best always. Happy 60th birthday Mummy. Continue to wax stronger in Jesus' name. You have raised a kingdom value and I pray you will live longer in health and continuous wealth and at the end of your journey you receive a welcome good servant in heaven.

[51]. This is the Lord's doing and marvelous in our eyes. Congratulations! More blessed, victorious, glorious, fruitful and fulfilling years in sound health in Jesus name. Peace!

[52]. Happy birthday to you Aunty, We wish you more of God's protection and sound health upon your precious life. Many graceful years as you age gracefully.

[53]. Who can believe this? Ever looking good and young Mummy. We join others to celebrate God's faithfulness upon your life. You are highly favoured. Happy 60th birthday Mummy. We love you!

[54]. Happy birthday Mummy, greater grace to see many more gracious years full of joy and fulfilment in Jesus Name. Congratulations Ma! Keep living Mummy, we love and celebrate you Ma. May your strength be renewed like that of the unicorn.

[55]. Continue to enjoy more of God's goodness in the land of the living. Happy 60th birthday, Mama. More strength and good health. Enjoy the fruit of your labour.

[56]. Happy 60th birthday our Mummy, I connect to the grace of longlife on you, thy Lord Jesus will continue to strengthen you. Continue to enjoy peace and blessings from the Lord till the end in Jesus name.

[57]. May your joy continue to increase for each passing day. Happy 60th birthday to you Mum, longlife and prosperity in Jesus Name. My Mum, enjoy your day. It shall be well with you Mum.

[58]. The Lord will continue to uphold you for us. More grace and blessing in the name of Jesus. Happy 60th birthday to our great Mummy. Your joy will not turn to sorrow, the matchless grace of God will continue to sustain you.
[59]. More blessed years in the land of the living in Jesus name. Happy birthday Ma, you will live to eat more of the fruits of your hands in good health and peace from above. Glory be to God's name.

[60]. Happy 60th birthday to you Mummy, may the Good Lord renew your strength to the end in Jesus name. God bless your new age with grace. Many lines falls in pleasant places for you.

[61]. Happy 60th birthday Aunty, the Lord that has brought you this far will continue to strengthen and be with you ma. You are blessed among the women. I tap into your grace. Age gracefully!

[62]. Longevity and prosperity is your heritage in Jesus name. You will not bury any of your future in Jesus' name. Happy 60th birthday to you Mummy, God bless you for the wonderful seed that you brought forth to the world.

[63]. Congratulations and happy 60th birthday sweet Mummy. There shall be no sorrow, no tears in your tabernacle in Jesus mighty name. God's favour all the way in Jesus mighty. Enjoy your new age with more blessings of the Lord.

[64]. Indeed this must be God on your side. Congratulations to our beloved Mother. The Lord will satisfy you with longlife to eat the fruit of your labour. We celebrate you and we pray that God will still preserve you for us in sound health and joy in Jesus name. Happy 60th birthday!

[65]. Lines are fallen unto you in pleasant places in Jesus name. Happy 60th birthday Mummy. May your remaining years on earth be the best for you. Everything concerning you is blessed.

[66]. Your new year shall be blessed with good health and joy. Many happy returns to our lovely Mother. Your strength shall be renewed like the Eagle. More grace at your newest age.

[67]. Happy birthday Aunty. We praise God for His faithfulness and mercy over you and the children that came through you. Congratulations on your 60th birthday Ma. You shall never know sorrow all your life.

[68]. Hallelujah, glory to God! Happy 60th birthday to you Mummy, many happy returns in good health, sound mind, more joy and grace to know God more till last breath in Jesus name, Amen!

[69]. Congratulations beloved Mother, in this new year, the Good Lord will make you a thousand times better than as you were before. The Good Lord will satisfy you with long life and show you His Salvation anew in Jesus' name. A great vessel you are indeed.

[70]. Happy happy birthday Mom, you're a miracle at 60, more grace and strength from the Almighty God. You are highly favoured. Continue to wax stronger and stronger.

[71]. Happy birthday to you, dear Matriarch. As your days are, so shall your strength be in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Enjoy your day, Ma.

[72]. Happy 60th birthday Mummy. May the Good Lord increase your strength and keep you safe in the years ahead. God Almighty bless your children and all that concerns you. May you and your family, live to celebrate God's goodness and mercy today and always.

[73]. May you have the grace to be in good health and only leave when she is fully satisfied.

[74]. Happy 60th birthday Aunty, God bless you real good as you celebrate, you will see your children children up to fifth generations, it shall be well with you all the days of your life in Jesus name, Amen!

[75]. Happy birthday to the mother of children, more glorious years of celebration in good health. May you not miss heaven after raising great children.

[76]. Happy birthday to Mummy of honour, may God bless your new age. May God continue to keep you in good health. Mummy of our great children! We celebrate you Ma! Continue to wallow in God's glory. Happy 60th birthday Mummy.

[77]. Thank God for allowing yourself to be used by God to bring to us wonderful children. You will grow from strength to strength, you will grow in the wisdom of God, among your children around the world, I celebrate you. Happy 60th birthday to you Mummy. May you always shine!

[78]. God will not allow your eye to see evil or to bury any of your children or grandchildren in Jesus name. Happy 60th birthday Mummy. God's multiplied blessings and strength upon you Ma!

[79]. Happy 60th birthday Ma. May God continue to keep you in good health and strength for His service in Jesus' Mighty name. Age with grace and mercy of the Lord.

[80]. Many more years in sound health and happiness to the glory of God. Happy birthday to you Mum, God bless your new age and more grace and longlife upon your life today.

[81]. Happy 60th birthday to you Mama. The Lord keeps you till the very end in good health and sound mind. We celebrate you Ma.

[82]. Happy birthday to Mummy, many more fruitful years ahead, lone life and prosperity in Jesus' name. As your days are so your strength shall be in Jesus name!

[83]. Wow! Happy birthday to you Mum. May God bless your new age with good health, happiness and more grace. We celebrate the grace of God upon your life and I key into the grace of longlife in Jesus' name.
[84]. Wishing you a year filled with peace, joy, blessings and happiness in good health. Happy blessed 60th birthday Mummy. Our Good Lord bless and keep you in Jesus mighty name.

[85]. Hallelujah! Fresh grace and divine strength for exploits. Happy 60th birthday Mummy.

[86]. Happy birthday great Mum of children, God bless you and your family. Wish you the best today and always as you celebrate your 60th birthday.

[87]. Happy glorious birthday Mummy. God's blessings continually in Jesus Name. Congratulations Ma! May you never lack the good things of life.

[88]. Wishing Aunty a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy. Happy 60th birthday Mummy.

[89]. Happy birthday Mama, may the rest of your years be filled with unspeakable joy in Jesus Mighty name.

[90]. Happy 60th birthday Mama. We celebrate your longevity Mummy. Congratulations to the great woman of our time.

[91]. Wow, congratulations Mama. I wullnp! May the Lord continue to beautify your life with His love. Have a great 60th birthday celebration!

[92]. Happy birthday Mummy dear. God bless you and increase your age with strength and health. Congratulations!

[93]. Happy birthday dear Mother, more fruitful years ahead and the best you wish for yourself are my thoughts for you. May you always have many reasons to be happy.

[94]. Happy birthday sweet Mother, may you continue to age gracefully with good health, happiness, joy and peace.

[95]. Happiest birthday dear Mummy. Thank you Ma, for being a great vessel of blessing to us. God bless you more and more Ma.

[96]. Waoh! Congratulations Ma. God bless and keep you strong and healthy. You will finish well and strong. The grace of the Lord is your portion forever.

[97]. Happy birthday Ma. God continues to bless and keep you. Wish you many more years of good health, peace and happiness.

[98]. Hallelujah!!! Happy birthday Mummy, the Lord will continue to strengthen you. Congratulations.

[99]. Happy celebration of life Ma. I celebrate you dearly, more blessing, age gracefully and fulfill your destiny.

[100]. May God renew your strength. Wishing you many more glorious years of wealth and health! Best wishes, Ma.



Birthdays Messages: 60th Happy Birthday Wishes for Female Friend
60th Happy Birthday Wishes for Female Friend
These happy 60th bBirthday wishes for female friends are inspirational 60th birthday quotes for mom and 60th birthday messages for mom from daughter.
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