Happy Birthday Romantic Wishes to Mom and Best Mother in the World

Here are Happy Birthday Wishes Mother, Happy Birthday Mom from Daughter, Birthday Wishes and Prayer for my Mother.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Mother

One of the most significant people in our life is truly the mother. Our mother seems to understand us the more because she was right there for us from the beginning when we made our first cry. If there is anyone who should deserve our best wishes, such for sure is our mother.

Mothers are indeed a gift from God to help educate us towards becoming better people in life. Her words of encouragement are words of comfort that truly seeks with all the amount of sincerity to make us become the best that we should always be proud of. Birthday Messages for Sister and Best Wishes for Friends

Mothers should be celebrated on their special day. For the love of a mother, here are some best happy birthday wishes for mothers.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Mother

For the delight of a sweet mother, here are deep birthday wishes for mom, happy birthday mom from daughter, birthday wishes and prayers for my mother, emotional birthday wishes for mother, touching birthday message for mother and birthday wishes for mom from son. These short happy birthday wishes for mothers are the best birthday messages that would melt the heart of a caring sweet mother.  Birthday Wishes for Sister 

[1]. To the most beautiful Queen in my life, my dear mother you are my very first best friend and everything I am today is all because of you.

[2]. You have always been my mom and my dad at the same time. And you fulfilled both responsibilities I am so proud of you today and always.

[3]. You taught me how to be a woman, adult and wife. You know when I am not alright and not at my best without having to say a word.  

[4]. Your life is so precious to me and I love you more than words can explain. Thanks for being so helpful in my time(s) of need and always making time to listen to me. Happy Birthday my dear mommy!

[5]. Mummy, we love you more. We celebrate you more. And all the best today and always, we wish you many happy celebrations of a lifetime. May the Lord keep you strong and healthy. Happy birthday our dear woman of faith!

[6]. Gorgeous Momma, inside and out! You deserved more accolades. You are indeed a mother anyone would dream to have as theirs. We thank God that you are alive to celebrate your special day. May you always live in good health. Happy birthday and many happy returns!

[7]. Happy Birthday to the reason I exist today, my beautiful mother. Your smile can light up the darkest room. You are one of the most gorgeous human beings I’ve ever laid eyes on, thank you for passing down your looks to me! I hope you have an amazing birthday.

[8]. I love you, Mommy! Thank you for showing me that with faith ANYTHING is possible. You are a blessing and a blessing you would always be. We celebrate you today and always. Our prayer is that you will live long to enjoy your labour of love in the land of the living. Happy birthday and have a wonderful time. 

[9]. I pray that you receive the benefit of your labour. I pray that no works of darkness would take you before your time. May you always shine like the Star you are. I am so grateful for your life of impact which is a blessing to humanity.

[10]. On this day a Queen was born. Happy Birthday to the best Mummy in the world! May you always live your life according to God’s purpose.

Deep Birthday Wishes to Mom

Here are some of the best deep collections of birthday wishes for a dear Mom. If you love your Mom and her birthday is at hand, do well to send your sweet mother these sample birthday quotes and sayings. Belated Birthday Messages for Mothers

[11]. You have always been a source of joy and I pray that the things of joy wouldn't be far from you today and always. Happy birthday dear Mom!

[12]. God bless you. I pray for greater grace and glory. May your light shine brighter and brighter. Happy birthday to you Mom, you shall be greater than your parents.

[13]. God bless your new age. Remain strong, healthy and highly favoured. More anointing of God to populate the kingdom of God in good health and rest of mind. 

[14]. More grace to you Mom. May you live to fulfil to the very end your destiny on the surface of this earth. Many more years of spiritual growth and outstanding progress to you on all frontiers. Happy birthday to you woman of God. Age graciously!

[15]. May the Almighty God continue to make you a blessing to your generation. Happy birthday Mom and many happy returns of the day!

[16]. You have always been a source of inspiration to us all. The Lord will continue to work in you and take you to a higher realm in your calling. Happy birthday, long life and prosperity.

[17]. Happy birthday daughter of Zion, continue to walk the path God has ordained for you as you age with massive grace. Wish you many more candles to blow.

[18]. Glory to God! May you have many more blessed years together with all of yours including your family. More years to celebrate in good health and I pray that the Almighty God grants you all your heart desires.

[19]. God bless your new age and increase you on all sides. Age gracefully. Wishing you many many years ahead in good health, wealth, prosperity, blessings and peace of mind. Age with multiple grace!

[20]. Congratulations! Continue to enjoy your best year yet. Great testimonies and celebrations shall accompany all your prayers to the glory of our God.  Many happy returns!

Touching Birthday Messages for Mother

For a sweet mother, we have here one of the best happy birthdays wishes for a dear mother who is not only an inspiration to her family but to her generation at large. Birthday Wishes for Celebrity Superstar

[21]. Congratulations on your birth mother, and may God bless your new age. Wishing you long life and prosperity in good health and happiness.

[22]. We pray that the good Lord gives you victory in every step of the way. As you turn a year older, keep in mind that we will continue to follow the light you have shown and made us believe in. We love you, dear mother. Happy birthday to you!

[23]. The day you were born was a day of joy to your family and today is another day of your joy, it is my prayer that this joy will never depart from your life today and always. Happy birthday and many happy returns!

[24]. May this year be a year of flying very high with speed, ease and vision, a year of greater exploits for you in the kingdom and family. Congratulations Madam!

[25]. May God Almighty continue to pour out His overflowing blessings upon you. More anointing to do exploits for the Lord. Happy birthday, Ma!

[26]. The Almighty will grant you total freedom and complete restoration of lost items of the previous years as you celebrate your birthday. We appreciate and love you. God bless you.

[27]. You are a good reference point for who a daughter of Zion should be. You are so Christlike in character! May the Lord bless and preserve you to the end. Many happy returns of the day!

[28]. More fruitful years in the Lord's vineyard. Glory and grace are the only heavenly release that will amongst other of God's gifts dwell with you all the way! Keep making an impact and remain relevant. God bless and increase you continually in all ramifications! Happy birthday my dear.

[29]. Happy birthday Ma, your new age is blessed. Remain relevant in His kingdom. May God Almighty Himself visit you with birthday gifts and also make it a pleasant year for you.

[30]. Happy birthday to you big Mummy, we celebrate you now and always. As you add another year, all your heart desires shall be granted to you forever. Lots of love!

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Mother

Make your mother feel these special emotional birthday wishes. If you understand the heart of a mother in blessing her children, you will do all it takes to celebrate her on her special day. Birthday Greeting Card Messages for Sister

[31]. God bless your new age with grace and many happy returns of the day. Congratulations.

[32]. May God bless your new age with sufficient grace, and many more years of celebration in good health and sound mind.

[33]. Wishing you more of it in strength and good health. I pray that may the Almighty God continue to grant you more grace to run the race and make your joy full.

[34]. Wishing you long life and prosperity in sound health and winning for Jesus in Jesus' mighty name. 

[35]. Congratulations! Happy birthday to you, long life in good health and all-around victory.

[36]. Happy glorious birthday to you, age gracefully with a long life ahead. Many happy returns in good health, sound minds and power to serve God better.

[37]. Happy birthday to you Ma! Good health and a sound mind in wealth shall be your portion as you march into your new year of glory. I rejoice with you.

[38]. Happy birthday to you Ma with a long life. The Lord will satisfy your heart's desires. Your strength will not diminish, more anointing in your life I pray.

[39]. Happy birthday daughter of Zion. Many more years to spend on the earth with the soundness of health and adequate prosperity in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

[40]. May you have good reasons to celebrate more of this on the land of the living. Next year's own will not meet you in the mortuary, neither on the sick bed nor in the prison yard. Happy birthday dear mother.

Happy Birthday Mom Status

Let the right words be the right status to send as birthday greetings to a mother that is so dear to your heart. Surprise your mother with not only gifts but these special birthday wishes and quotes.

[41]. Many more happy returns. More celebration, jubilation, and thanksgiving. May your new year's seasons, months, weeks, days, and times bring forth open doors and opportunities. Happy birthday to you Ma.

[42]. Wishing you a more healthy prosperous birthday ahead. Congratulations on your new age!

[43]. Your path will continually shine brighter and brighter as unto a perfect day.

[44]. Keep shining as the morning star and fruitful like a cedar in Lebanon.

[45]. You are a special source of joy to your parents, and so shall your offspring forever be. 

[46]. The glory will continue to shine upon you and be your rear-guard always. Wishing you many more years ahead in good health, wealth, peace, joy and happiness.

[47]. God bless your new age greatly and gracefully in sound health, strength and long life and prosperity.

[48]. Happy birthday our Mummy, you're one in a million, God bless your new age Ma, you will not labour in vain. We love you, Congratulations!

[49]. May the Lord continue to keep you. Swim in glory, greater height, exceeding great and destiny fulfilled. Congratulations!

[50]. Happy birthday anniversary to you dear, more of God's grace, testimonies and greater height as you celebrate your special day.

Heart Touching Deep Birthday Wishes for Mom

For the best heart-touching birthday wishes for a sweet Mother, here are the best of the very best birthday messages for a dear Mom. 1st Birthday Wishes for Daughter

[51]. The Lord will bless your new age with miracles, signs and wonders. The lines shall continue to fall for you in pleasant places. Happy birthday my dear Sister! 

[52]. Congratulations and happy birthday to a woman with a heart of gold. Age with massive grace.

[53]. Happy birthday and congratulations daughter of Zion. Your new age is blessed with abundant grace and joy.

[54]. May you age with greater grace. May God continue His love upon you and your lots. Very big congratulations my beloved Sister. May the rest of your life be the best.

[55]. God will bless your new age with peace and greater grace. May His face continually shine upon you. Congratulations!

[56]. I bless your new age. Many more glorious years to come. More anointing upon you. Have a wonderful celebration. Congratulations on your birthday my dear, may your new age be filled with blessings.

[57]. Happy birthday to the true daughter of Zion and a virtuous woman. The Lord will keep you to see many good days.

[58]. May God bless you, your new age, and increase you in grace, wisdom, knowledge and in understanding. Continue to soar high and shine brighter. Keep winning in Christ!

[59]. The Lord blessed your new age Ma and the rest of your life shall be the best for you. Age gracefully and graciously.

[60]. More grace to excel and continually serve the Lord is released upon you. Happy birthday Ma.

Birthday Wishes for Mom from Daughter Letter

These birthday wishes for Mom from daughter are birthday greetings that can be written on a card and given to a dear mother during her birthday. The messages of birthday wishes are religious and they are one of the messages that would make a mother glow. Birthday Greetings to Brother

[61]. The Lord blesses your new age abundantly and God's blessings will multiply upon your life and ministry. Happy birthday dear Mom. 

[62]. Happy birthday blessed daughter of Zion, many years in life, anointing and doing exploits in the Lord's vineyard. Best wishes of the day Mom!

[63]. A very happy birthday to our beloved Sister and daughter of Zion. Many more happy years ahead with good health to enjoy more of God's divine blessings.

[64]. I celebrate this occasion of your birthday. God bless your new age, Mom!

[65]. Happy birthday Mom, your days shall be long, may the Lord grant you all your heart desires.

[66]. My prayer for you today is that God showers His blessing on you. May every blessed day of your life begin with happiness and end in happiness. Forever stay blessed.

[67]. Happy birthday, long life and prosperity with sound health plus fulfilled destiny and aspirations.
[68]. Happy glorious birthday anniversary Mom and greater grace and strength in the years ahead to fulfil purposes and destiny. 

[69]. Greater heights and kingdom grace for exploits granted to you Mom are my prayers for you.

[70]. May you have heaven's best in every area of your life. God bless your brand new age gracefully always.

Birthday Wishes for Mom from Son

Best wishes of birthday messages from a son to a Mom are here for you to select from. You would love these birthday wishes that would make the heart of a mother glow with pride. Birthday Wishes for Sweet Sister

[71]. Congratulations and happy birthday to a woman of substance. You will finish well and strong. I pray for sound health, peace, prosperity and long life.

[72]. We wish you more grace and greater anointing as you pursue your walk with God. Mummy, age gracefully with sound health and wealth in abundance.

[73]. Dear Mother, continue to enjoy God's grace and mercy. Your new age is richly blessed. Many more joyful celebrations!

[74]. May the good Lord, even the God of your father bless your new age, make you more fruitful and productive in God's vineyard and more successful in your marriage. We love you, Mummy!

[75]. Happy birthday to the woman of God and a sweet mother. More grace and long life of service to God and humanity. Wish you the best in your new age. Live long and stay blessed in the Lord's unending grace.

[76]. I join hands with heaven to celebrate you on your birth date. Your new age is abundantly blessed, may the grace of God continue to be sufficient for you. Congratulations!

[77]. Happy birthday to you Mom you added a year today so shall experience unlimited happiness and permanent peace of mind shall be your portion.

[78]. Mummy, I wish you a long life, good health and prosperity. May the Lord bless you and uphold you with His victorious right hand.

[79]. Wishing you an abundance of God's blessings in your new age and beyond. More grace and anointing to run the race to the end and be an impact on more souls. Happy birthday Mama!

[80]. The speed to wax strong in the gospel will continue to locate you. Happy birthday Mummy, God's blessings and protection upon you always.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Mom 

For a sweet mother, here are happy birthday sayings and quotes that would bring tears of joy to her heart. Birthday Greetings to Sister

[81]. Happy birthday to you Mom, long life and prosperity. You will not die but live to eat the fruit of your labour. Age with sufficient grace, happiness, breakthrough, peace, joy and sound health.

[82]. The grace of God will continue to abound in your life. May the face of the Lord continue to shine upon you. Happy birthday to you Mom, long life in sound health and a closer walk with God.

[83]. Best wishes on your birthday beloved Sister, enter into a new realm of possibility as you age gracefully. Congratulations!

[84]. Happy birthday to you, and lots of joy and gladness all the way to you. Keep winning on all sides.

[85]. Happy birthday daughter of Zion. Bigger and blessed are you. You are anointed afresh for greater glory and exploits in life. I wish you the best of joy and happiness in all your ways. God bless your new age!

[86]. Many more years to celebrate if Jesus tarries and you will fulfil your destiny.  Continue to shine brighter and brighter.

[87]. May your light continue to shine brighter and brighter and anyone that has an encounter with you will receive a divine visitation. Happy birthday to a great daughter of Zion.

[88]. May the Lord continue to uphold you and refresh your new phase of age with much more grace and anointing. Happy birthday beloved Sister. More glorious and fruitful years. Age with sweetness!

[89]. Happy birthday to you. Many more years of peace, happiness and joy.  The Almighty God will move you from one level of glory to another this season.

[90]. A most blessed and joyous birthday to you Mom, as your days are so shall your strength be. Age gracefully with long life, good health and speed in all you do.

Long Touching Birthday Messages for Mother

For the love of a mother, you bring to you some of the best collections of long and touching birthday wishes for a mother. Birthday Poems for Wife

[91]. May joy unspeakable is your portion now and always. Congratulations on your new level of prominence and joy. Happy birthday, deep existence and fresh anointing!. God's blessings, health and wealth to your bones.

[92]. I pray for more longevity without infirmity. May you eat the fruits of your labour. Goodness and mercy shall continue to follow you all the days of your life. Happy birthday sweet mother, more grace to you with sound health and wealth in abundance.

[93]. Continue to grow in the knowledge of God's grace. And increase in all that pertains to life and Godliness. May you be favoured in your new age and beyond. Joy and gladness shall be found in your habitation. 

[94]. You shall witness more of this day in sound health and happiness in the land of the living. Heaven will jump rules and protocols and bless you. You will celebrate more years ahead of you in long life and prosperity.

[95]. We really appreciate God’s grace upon your life. His grace will be sufficient for you throughout the days of your life. In more years to come, you will celebrate in good health and many breakthroughs and enlargement. Happy birthday to you great woman!

[96]. May you never become an ex-champion. Grace and more grace all your years on earth. It will be a greater year of success and multiple testimonies. Your joy will not become sorrow and bitterness. Have a wonderful celebration.

[97]. The Lord perfects all that concerns you and gives you what no man can give to you. God bless your new age and increase you with knowledge. Age gracefully in the Lord continually and live to fulfil your good dreams. Wish you many more of your birthdays on earth.

[98]. God bless your new age with abundant grace and God's favour. Age gracefully in good health and sound mind. May God continue to bless you with your beautiful heart desires and your home too. Have a blessed and more beautiful life.

[99]. May you live long to fulfil your destiny. May God Almighty continue to keep you in His secret place. Happy birthday dear mother, God bless you tremendously and abundantly. Wishing you more beautiful and blessed years ahead.

[100]. Congratulations and be blessed with good health and peace and love and happiness and long life and prosperity. May our good God continue to bless, preserve, direct and protect you and your families. Happy birthday beautiful soul, grow more in God's grace!


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Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!: Happy Birthday Romantic Wishes to Mom and Best Mother in the World
Happy Birthday Romantic Wishes to Mom and Best Mother in the World
Here are Happy Birthday Wishes Mother, Happy Birthday Mom from Daughter, Birthday Wishes and Prayer for my Mother.
Birthdays Messages – Spreading Joy on Every Birthday!
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