Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Birthday Wishes For Sister

If you are happy about the special day of a sister, a friend and a mother, these birthday wishes for sister would do some amazingly wonderful things to the life of a friend who is indeed a sister, if you would care to share it with a sister friend who made a different in your life.

Birthday Wishes For Sister

[1]. God's grace is multiplied upon you and His glory is evident in your life. More glorious years ahead! Happy birthday dearie.

[2]. Wish you many more wonderful years ahead. And may you experience unusual intimacy with God this New Year. Do enjoy your day. May your heart find all that it seeks and deserves. Happy birthday.

[3]. Happy birthday dearest Sister, long life and prosperity! May Heaven favour you today and always. Age gracefully.

[4]. My darling Sister, where is my cake? I am waiting. God bless your age. You've been a source of inspiration all these while. Best wishes, dear!

[5]. Keep flourishing and more grace to your age. I wish you many happy Birthday my pretty sis, may all of God's best be yours now and forever. Happy birthday Sis!

[6]. Congratulations as you enjoy Greater Grace. May you always experience long life and prosperity. Age with abundant grace dear. Happy birthday Jesus girl!

[7]. Boundary lines are fallen to you in pleasant places and you have a goodly heritage. May this New Year bring fulfillment in every area of your life. Happy birthday my bestie!

[8]. May the good Lord grant you with an unending blessing as you mark your special day today. Happy birthday and best wishes to you dear finest Sister.

[9]. Happy birthday dear. May Heaven celebrate you more. May you always experience more fruitful years ahead in Jesus name Amen.

[10]. Happy birthday to my darling sister, wishing you all the best and more of God's Grace. Again Happy birthday big Aunty. Age with grace.
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